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Animal Science In a first, scientists show dogs can smell when humans are stressed

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Psychology New research suggests psychedelic drugs can be almost as life altering as near-death experiences

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Psychology Incels exhibit reduced psychological well-being and a greater tendency for interpersonal victimhood, study finds

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Social Science Most Youth In Colorado’s Child Welfare System Don’t Know About Birth Control

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Psychology Evangelical Christians who sought information from their religious leaders about getting the COVID-19 vaccine were significantly less likely to be vaccinated, while evangelicals who spoke with a health care provider about the vaccine were more likely to be vaccinated

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Nanoscience Nanomaterial Found to Reduce Cancer Stem Cells in Rats, Chinese Study Finds

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Epidemiology In a cohort study, a within-person pharmacoepidemiologic study that included 866 586 adults, folic acid treatment was associated with a significantly reduced rate of suicidal events. If confirmed, folic acid may be a safe, inexpensive, & widely available treatment for suicidal ideation & behavior.

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Social Science Police in the U.S. deal with more diverse, distressed and aggrieved populations and are involved in more incidents involving firearms, but they average only five months of classroom training, study finds

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Social Science Women still less likely to be hired, promoted, mentored or even have their research cited, study shows

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Economics Lower levels of economic inequality in Europe than in the US is not because of taxation and redistribution. In fact, the US redistributes more to the poorest 50% than any European country. The reason is that Europe has been successful at ensuring that the poorest get relatively good-paying jobs.

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Health Study offers hope for preventing cerebral palsy

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Biology RoboCap – Researchers at MIT have developed a robotic capsule that can increase the absorption of drugs such as insulin and vancomycin in the gut by clearing mucus and depositing drugs directly on the intestinal surface

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Physics Artificial intelligence reduces a 100,000-equation quantum physics problem to only four equations. Using AI, physicists have compressed a daunting quantum problem that until now required 100,000 equations into a bite-size task of as few as four equations — all without sacrificing accuracy.

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Neuroscience A recent article brings together a lot of what we know from previous research in the field of brain health and found that “Three factors stand out if you want to keep your brain at its best”: physical exercise, being social and having strong interests

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Economics Data & Model: When a SCOTUS Justice is the pivotal vote on a case, s/he tends to more closely vote along party lines, especially when the choice unambiguously establishes legal precedent. This is evidence of strategic voting: justices trade off a case's merits with their own want to shape precedent.

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Anthropology Ancient DNA suggests that artificial islands were party spots for the elite. Island settlements called crannogs served as larders, abattoirs — and perhaps feasting sites.

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Chemistry Use of ONIOM quantum chemical methods demonstrate performance increase compared to DFT methods for characterizing the PES of large polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon when studying dimerization and other reactions

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Epidemiology COVID-19 vaccines. Seven months after the first of the two doses in the primary series, estimated two-dose vaccine effectiveness (VE) of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine was 54.3% against infection, 85.8% against hospitalization, and 89.6% against death

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Physics Physicists find way to control detonation wave in promising new type of engine

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Environment The oceans store more carbon than thought — but not enough to save the planet. The oceans take up around 10% more of humanity’s carbon emissions than previously thought. This uptake slows global warming but worsens problems such as ocean acidification.

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Health Diagnostic progression to schizophrenia: A nationwide cohort study of 11 170 adolescents and young adults with autism spectrum disorder

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Astronomy New study by international team of scientists reveals an evolving, magnetized environment and surprising source location for deep-space fast radio bursts – observations that defy current understanding.

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Psychology Living in a corrupt environment makes you more likely to believe in conspiracy theories, regardless of your politics

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Medicine Study finds no differences in rates of death or complications between male and female surgeons in Japan, despite the fact that female surgeons are more likely than male surgeons to be assigned high risk patients.

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Medicine Exposure to air pollution worsens COVID-19 outcomes, even among the fully vaccinated. Over the long term, pollution is linked to increases in cardiovascular and lung diseases, which are in turn linked to more severe COVID-19 symptoms.

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