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Hi-Fi Rush


I'm 99.9% convinced that r/gaming is being targeted by some marketing team that this is "the best game ever!". Way too many OMG IT BLEW MY MIND posts going on.

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An "artistic" character name writing

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Roast my startup: Bravoboard.xyz - Free Kudoboard alternative. Create beautiful, collaborative thank you boards



Bravoboard is a free alternative to Kudoboard that allows you to create beautiful, collaborative thank you boards and celebrate your friends, co-workers and loved ones.

I built Bravoboard to scratch our own itch and overcome the limitations and steep pricing of popular online group card platforms like Kudoboard. Their pricing is steep and and the free tier is barely usable at just a few posts/board. The most basic version requires you to pay a decent amount yet, there are multiple basic features behind a paywall.

I've set the free tier at 50 posts which I think should be plenty for our one-off boards and prevent spam and abuse in general. It’s a fully baked web app hosted on AWS with password less log-in, privacy controls, email and payments (stripe) integration.

Give it a go next time you need a group card : )

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M4F 34[M4F] #east coast #online #Cincinnati Player two, I choose you! NSFW


Hey! Thanks for stopping on my post!

My name is Andy and I’m 34 living on the east coast! While it is always difficult sharing who you are, I’m going to do my best.

First and foremost, I am a gamer✨. I own all the consoles and primarily 💻🎮pc game. This for me is something I hope you also do, or at the very least want to hang out with me while I’m doing it! That doesn’t mean that I ONLY game, I have tons of other interests and hobbies as well!

I really enjoy watching tv and movies. It’s fun watching things together and discussing what we did and didn’t like about the show. Maybe even roleplaying in text 🤓an alternate ending or pivotal moment!

That brings me to reading and writing📚📖. Admittedly I don’t read as much as I once did. Though I still enjoy writing short stories and occasionally text roleplay! It would be awesome if you also liked this, but no worries if you don’t. It’s something that only strikes my fancy occasionally.

Music! 🎸🎹🎶🎼🎵I play multiple instruments and it’s really fun when I’ve gotten the chance to play with partners in the past. Even if it’s just singing while I play guitar💃🕺! I’m not going to leave a big list of bands and music I like, mostly because I’m pretty eclectic and it may be a strange list to look at ☺️.

Since that is a really basic set of info about me, you’re gonna have to ask to find out more!

A bit about who I’m looking for!

A kind, fun loving, and engaging partner. Ideally you’re going to be the last person I date, so hopefully you’re looking for something committed and monogamous too! I understand it’ll take time and trust to get to that point, so starting as friends is fine with me 😎.

I don’t care what you look like, how long you went to college or didn’t for that matter. I care about you ❤️. No one’s perfect and it’s ok if you come into the relationship a little broken. Let’s just keep communication a top priority and work to make each others lives easier not harder. People say I’m really funny, so hopefully we have a shared sense of humor!

Ps. I’m part of the DDLG community and consider my self a caregiver dom. Hopefully this is a plus for you, or maybe you’re curious? Either way, I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Here is a few pictures of me!


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Discussion Is roblox perfectly fine with anime faces being uploaded?

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Scammer not getting it (4 parts)

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🔐 Collab fear chain

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I have no interest in getting a job ever again


I’m 20f, and I’ve been working jobs since I was 14 excessively. I grew up with my parents being pretty transparent about their financial insecurities, which rubbed off on me to the point where I prioritized making money before my studies, and in turn my grades dropped a bit. I still graduated with high honors but I BS’d through a lot. When I could legally work at 16 I worked 3 jobs at the same time while going to highschool, and I just proclaimed myself as independent and all but looking back I should have just been enjoying my teen years. Then I became burnt out at 19, and now I’m having a sort of life crisis because I don’t know what I want to do with my life— all I’ve come to know is working retail and I’m now a junior in college majoring in marketing (which I was too weary to think about a college major I’d actually want to do at 17 so business route it was) I don’t want to do marketing. I like fashion, I know that about myself, and I attend a fashion school, minoring in fashion history studies. I have a slight inkling to do museum work but I feel like I know nothing about museum operations, I do know a lot about fashion history though. Anyways this brings me into the topic of this post because this month I left for a study abroad program in Paris, and I had to leave behind my job at a consignment store. I’m only a week in but I feel like a human again, and a sense of nostalgia too for my early teen years of having the spirit to read about things I’m interested in and not be in fight or flight mode 24/7. Because my nervous system is out of wreck I’ve found it hard not to think about what will be next after I return from Paris, and I feel a strong detest to work while in school at least. Maybe it’s because I’m only a week in, but this newfound freedom of being able to narrate my own days and go at my own pace, I never want to work again. I’m beginning to think about how I’ll only be getting older, and perhaps I should be focusing on my studies and my passions rather than making somebody else money. The only thing is I go to school/ live in NYC, which is quite expensive, so I’d have to take out a loan to cover my cost of living if I don’t want to work.

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Guy’s parachute doesn’t open till last second.

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In The Wild I NEED someone to tell me how to pronounce the second one.

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Pickup Interesting finds today thrifting. Chinese dvd, Korean dvd, mini dvd (which I forgot existed) All play just fine in my US player too

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🔎 Partner Search (M4A playing M) looking for a long term partner + buddy!


Hey everyone!! You can call me Mick, I’m a part time student and part time joker! I’m in the CST zone and decently active. I’ll put some things down below about what I’m looking for partner wise:

  • ONLY looking to do MxM ROMANTIC OR PLATONIC and no, I will not change for you!
  • I’m literate to advanced lit, so be able to kick out at least 2 paragraphs! Quality over quantity still applies, duh
  • OOC chatting!! This is a fun hobby for me and not a business exchange. I enjoy chatting about our favorite tv shows/movies and whatever else. I also love sending memes that make us think about our characters and even drawing some fanart. Bonus points if you’re an artist like me! I do best with someone who keeps up to date about memes and is happy with gushing over stuff
  • 3rd person ONLY, 1st person gives me self insert vibes and I’m not a fan of that
  • Be able to write in NPCs or secondary characters, I feel if it’s just our characters interacting the world feels stale. I like to have our world feel alive
  • Fine with making characters 25+, most of my OCs are that and older because I love making them suffer through life
  • Uses discord

Genres I’m into:

  • Realism, I prefer to have things be as realistic as possible and do not shy away from dark or gritty topics
  • Action aka: shoot outs, bar fights, John Wick style sweeps, that’s my JAM!
  • Horror/thrillers- I’m more into natural horror like Hannibal for example but if the idea is cool enough then sure!
  • Mystery, I absolutely LOVE mystery! I’m down to do anything like X-Files or Twin Peaks especially. A town in the middle of nowhere with a city cop trying to figure out the crime? I eat that up! I especially love the idea of a Silence of the Lambs or Shutter Island type plot
  • Historical stuff (big emphasis on this, not into anything too modern) primarily 1900s-1950s! Though westerns are cool too
  • Crime, mostly mafia/organized. And no NOT the cringe fanfiction type don’t worry. Honestly anything with organized crime is so cool to me
  • Romance! I prefer slow burns and enemies to lovers (clique but I love it) and I really mean enemies to lovers. Not opposed to platonic stuff either!

Genres I WONT do:

  • Modern. I live that everyday not too into that
  • Slice of life, I don’t mind this being like a side option but it gets pretty boring for me
  • Fantasy/medieval is not too interesting for me, and as I said before realism triumphs
  • Supernatural or magical stuff, not my thing BUT (big but here) if it’s along the lines of for example Bioshock or Dishonored I may be swayed to try it out!

Anyways that’s all! Hope you have a great day!! If you are interested please send me more than “wanna rp” PLEASE

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How can I add this on? Just use a larger screw? 1” is correct size right?

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Simplii Financial $50 Referral Bonus


**For Canadian residents only, sadly excluding residents of Quebec**

Simplii Financial is a subsidiary of CIBC. Access your money from any CIBC ATM in Canada without a fee. You can also withdraw money from any non-CIBC ATM displaying the Interac® or PLUS* signs (fees may apply at these machines).

To be eligible for the $50 bonus offer you must click through my referral (https://mbsy.co/6qqNdw) and follow these instructions once you have set up your new Simplii account:

  • If you open a No Fee Chequing Account or High Interest Savings Account, you must make a deposit of at least $100 within 6 months after account opening, and maintain a minimum balance of $100 for at least 30 days.
  • If you open a Personal Line of Credit, you must use or spend a minimum of $100 from the account within 6 months of opening the account.
  • If you open a Simplii mortgage, you must fund your mortgage within 120 days (see below for my mortgage referral code). 

Mortgage Referral Code: 0009361587

*As an added bonus, if you open a No Fee Chequing Account by January 31, 2023 and add an eligible direct deposit of at least $100 a month for 3 straight months, you'll earn an additional $350!

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Pokémon SV DLC looking good

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This isn’t exactly a choosing beggar situation, maybe more entitled beggar? I have a feeling the gas she’s so graciously willing to give isn’t much or she’d just get an Uber.

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Terrorism US military raid kills key Islamic State regional leader in Somalia, officials say | US military

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Harlow isn’t sure about magic mike😳🥴

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What can you say that is kind?


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So confused. I tried making a new character, gave a very brief background description and tried to start a convo to build on it. Then it wrote me all of this with an actual link while talking about NFT crap?

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What’s the most consistent spellement farm for banshee?


Also just in general. Seems like farming these will take ages though. :/

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Fluff Question Where is this item, I feel like I’ve searched everywhere? Did I miss an event or something?

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Is law school necessary for me to be a sports agent?


Im currently studying Communications and Digital Media. I’ll graduate this december, and i finally decided where to go with my career: be a sports agent.

Im considering entertainment too, but sports is a stronger possibility. Do i need a law background to be a better agent? I honestly dont want to spend another 4 years in college, but if that means ill be more prepared to enter the sports/entertainment agent business, im willing to do it

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I’m sure this has been answered but I’ve been out of the loop, I submitted a form 1 with electronic prints what do I actually need to mail?