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Discussion Stop Gaslighting Logical Non-Transphobes


It’s possible to respect biological females boundaries to compete with other biological females without being transphobic.

Mean spirited hate clearly has no place, but being overtly sensitive and labeling every disagreement as mean spirited hate is destructive to any meaningful progress.

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My wife had cookies made to celebrate my vasectomy.

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33 🤔?

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Paywall Pierre Poilievre is building bridges he was expected to burn

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Complaint Give extra Compensation ''EU CENTRAL'' only.


EU CENTRAL deserves extra compensation and shouldnt be on all regions.

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Discussion I’m genuinely worried about Alexandria


I’m honestly worried about her. I’m sure this is “unpopular” here but let’s get real—

Yeah, she (and Ned) did a shitty super shitty thing. Presumably repeatedly. Granted, I’ve always had a neutral/indifferent option of her. I don’t have any investment in her but I am worried. She’s a youngish woman in the public eye with literal world wide media bearing down on her. Ned was (is?) an internet celebrity but she was only occasionally featured. I’m sure she wasn’t recognized too often.

That said, Ned is actively working on rehabbing his image ex: the (in my opinion) self reported TMZ photos and Ariel’s and his coordinated statements.

Infidelity is not ok in my book. That said, I’m worried Alex is going to be Lewinsky’d. This situation isn’t the same but it is similar.

He has way more money and power. He has a wife supporting him (presumably). Alex is alone. It doesn’t sound like a she’s fired but she clearly can’t go back to work there. Would you? Absolutely not. The shame and scrutiny would be unbearable. If they fire her she could sue for wrongful termination or receive a hefty severance which I’m sure 2nd Try does not want.

What are her options? For real. She and Ned should have never done what they did. But where will she work now? She won’t work in media since she’ll be a lightning rod for criticism. What will she do?

I worry that Alexandria is in a dark place. Ned could bounce back (maybe) but it seems grim for her. She deserves so scrutiny but not to have her entire life ruined forever.

(Note: I’m not a cheater but I have been cheated on in a marriage bound relationship. I just worry that she’ll be branded as unemployable forever. I think cheating is fucked but I’m sure there are people calling her a “home-wrecker” who are far from innocent. The only difference is you’re not a semi public figure).

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I don't have the confidence to choose a funny flair one can only hope😮‍💨 NSFW

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Awesome childhood!!!

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Discussion Article on transgender disc golf released today

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Let’s keep the comments civil. The article does a good to keep things hate free. Mostly looking for guesses on who you think “Mary and Jane” are.

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Russia/Ukraine The U.S. and Europe are running out of weapons to send to Ukraine

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Discussion Ned did not have a “Consensual workplace relationship”


I think this whole situation is an opportunity to remind people why boss and employee romantic relationships are problematic, or any relationship wherein one person has authority over the other for that matter.

At the heart of the issue is the ability to consent. The idea of consent revolves around the idea of being able to say no without the fear of repercussions. Obviously problems start arising very quickly when the dynamic of a romantic relationship is boss and employee. The employee will always be in a position to have repercussion brought on to them if they refuse to continue the relationship. Even if they are verbally consenting and are enthusiastic they are not in position to fully consent.

I want to be very clear I do not think Ned is some sort of Weinstein workplace abuser, im sure they both enjoyed themselves very much in their mid life crisis affair. However, I wanted to point out that there is no such thing as a consensual romantic relationship between a boss and employee.

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Gender Revealing Sword

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Mac Apple NEVER Learns.

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I just want to graduate from high school but catalonian is an obligatory assignment on here


I (17) recently started my last year of high school (eso) and currently living on a region where catalonian/valenciá is the most prominent language. I don't know anything of catalonian nor have any interest in learning it, but it's an obligatory subject and teachers had made me clear I need to pass the class to get graduated. Also, it's a public school. I really don't want to waste my time learning a new language, what can I do? are other schools different or do they all teach catalonian?

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Discussion Has it never come across people that perhaps just SLOWING DOWN can be a viable thing to do in matches?


Coming from the beta, a few thoughts came to my mind, but this was probably my largest conclusive thought after playing numerous games and reading numerous posts from here:

I get the idea of pushing and being agressive, but hasn't it ever come across anyone's mind that someone may have the upper hand against you because they took it slow for that moment, and not mindlessly charging into an area?

Perhaps you want to flank someone who's been stationary in a spot for a good while, so you just slowly approach rather than noisily rush behind them either via announcing you're activating dead silence (I'm not saying the loud noise is justifiable in any way but rather if there's a problem- ACTUALLY find yourself an alternate option rather than constantly stare at the game hoping for a fix to magically appear) or by tac sprinting your way while the guy can hear the sound of your boots crashing into the ground? I'm pretty sure the drill charge also exists for a reason!

Not sure where people get their definition of camping, or defending, or whatever, but I feel like just like MW19 or anywhere else, sometimes taking your time is a valid option.

Edit: I see this is a take being recieved well

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Men need to stop working so hard for women that dont deserve us!


This is off my chest. I want this off my chest. A lot of posts here are just annoying and seeking to justify shitty human behavior/feed an inflated female ego.

We men need to stop marrying/dating women with promiscuous pasts. Women will always look at where we are going in life as a man - we have the right to be concerned with her past. If you dont believe me, go to PHInvest and you will notice women complaining about their male partners earning less BUT you rarely see men do this.

Hate me, idc Im speaking truth. Sex is effortless for Women, so if you're willingly giving it away for 5 shots of tequila and some flirty comments no man should put in the effort to date you or give you the life you want. Period.

TO men that will hate this - remember this, she let 5 other guys hit easily, while shes making you work. Who is the clown here? Never forget you can date down, as long as your ages are legal, a 5-10 year age gap is not unheard off (just make it reasonable, no 28M and 18F), by default we men also date down economically. THERE ARE THOUSANDS of women out there for you. Have an abundance mindset, not a scarcity mindset.

And to everyone that gets triggered - You think Im an incel, but I have a pretty good and happy life.

Edit :

Maybe the reason you're attracting low quality women is because you're a low quality man yourself.

Yall women will turn on each other JUST LIKE THAT.

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Don’t Worry Darling Is Peak White Feminism (As Expected)

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Spinach taste way better than pizza


Pizza is overly praised and I don’t get it at all. Pizza is very unhealthy and gives you no benefits. Spinach can give you better habits and gives you more self-esteem. It can even make you stronger and feel more happier than ever. Pizza just brings you down it doesn’t give you any type of positive energy at all. Pizza is simply massively overrated.

Edit: Spinach also has better texture and flavor while pizza can be greasy which can leave a cringy look on your face.

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bigRichardRP Holy radio chatter OMEGALUL

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ABC New: 74% of Americans believe Democrats ruined the economy.

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They aren’t all bad!

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Rumour Microsoft talking to major Japanese Publishers and small studios for acquisition


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Discussion Why do we pretend Ubers are something everyone should do or the game is bad and not the extra high tier stretch-goal content they were designed to be?


Seriously its so common to see that as a talking point here, can't we just have the megahard bosses be megahard? Is there any reason we should aim for Casuals to be killing Ubers? Wouldn't making ubers no longer a big goal just kill late game progression for a lot of people by removing the concrete purpose to it all?

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DISCUSSION I don't think I can do it this year


With the news that the teams owner is possibly a really bad dude, I'm having a bit of a crisis of conscience regarding my support for this organization. I love the players, I'm excited to see who makes the team and what they each accomplish this year but I just don't think I can support a team owned by a monster. I'd love to be wrong but the way I'm seeing this issue is that something has happened in the aquilini family that either at best has galvanized his own kin against him in a false accusation, or at worst is entirely true.

I won't be buying any jerseys of an aqua owned team, nor will I be attending any games, until this resolves likely only by the team being sold. If I tune into any games this year to cheer for the boys as players instead of as an organization, I will only be using the high seas to do so.

Im sick of seeing the extremely wealthy class of our society get free passes on reprehensible behaviour and I'd love to hear thoughts from others. I'd especially love to see fans make the same choice to send a message. Child abuse has no place in our society, and I damn sure don't want my hard earned coin going towards an abuser's Scrooge McDuck pool.

Anyways thanks for the read and I hope wherever you're reading from you are safe and happy.

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Jamie pull that up 🙈 Dave Smith Knows What's Up

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