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Daily Discussion Thread - September 28, 2022


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[Mod Post] New Mod Application Thread


Hey guys!

It's been almost a year since we've brought on new mods, and with the new season nearing we thought it was about time that we brought in some fresh recruits.

What does a mod do?

Review posts/comments/messages, update sidebar pictures, potential botting work

How much work is it?

We don't have any time requirements or metrics that mods need to adhere to. Just pitch in while you're already browsing the sub

Why would I want to mod?

Modding is best suited for active users of the subreddit that want to pitch in to improve things. If you have a specific expertise that you think would be beneficial to the subreddit (e.g., Python), you can use the subreddit to get more hands-on experience with a large established user base

What do I need in order to mod?

A computer, a reddit account with 2FA active, and a discord so you can be in communication with us


  • What time zone are you in?

  • Roughly how often do you browse r/nba?

  • How long have you been a part of our community and why do you think you'd be a good addition to the mod team?

  • Is there anything you'd like to change about the subreddit?

  • What is your favorite NBA memory?

  • Do you have any particular skill set that could benefit our subreddit mod team (coding, graphic design, etc.)?

  • Are you familiar with python/PRAW?

  • Are you interested in helping mod the sub discord?

The rest is up to you guys. Feel free to add anything else that you think might help make a case for why you should be a moderator for /r/nba.

All unrelated comments will be removed for sake of readability. Keep in mind that the amount of upvotes you get in this thread will not have an impact on your application. Please direct all questions to the sticky comment.

Thank you as always!

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Shaq on the Ime Udoka Situation: "I was a serial cheater... I did it. I was the best at it and I'm not proud of it. I lost my family doing it. I lost valuable important years of my children from doing it. No it was not worth it. The happiest days of my life was hearing Daddy when I got home"

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[Weiss] at around the 9:30 mark: "From what I heard, (Celtics management) went to players (about Ime) and said, "we, unfortunately, can't tell you anything for legal reasons.""

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[Winfield] Ben Simmons says his back isn’t preventing him from doing anything he used to: “I was surprised today, I got a block. I blocked David Duke. I was shocked.”

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PJ Tucker on why he and James Harden wanted to come to Philly: “Um, I can’t remember the guy’s name — Embiid?”

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[Ringer NBA Show] Wosny Lambre when discussing Greg Popovich - ".. what's he gonna really do, just go home and be with his wife all day? Who wants to do that!" - Popovich's wife Erin passed away in 2018

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"Kyle, what do you think about Jimmy Butler's hair?"

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News [Stein] Jamal Crawford has emerged as the top choice to replace Dwyane Wade in the @NBAonTNT lineup, industry sources say.

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[Friedell] Nash on Simmons’ versatility: “Very unique. That’s what makes Ben great. That’s why I don’t care if he ever shoots a jump shot.”


Nash on Simmons’ versatility: “Very unique. That’s what makes Ben great. That’s why I don’t care if he ever shoots a jump shot. He’s welcome to, but that is not what makes him special, and not what we need. He’s a great complement to our team …”

High praise coming from the lame du- I mean head coach of the Brooklyn Nets! 76ers fans and general NBA enjoyers should use the comments to gives Nets fans some insight into the Psyche of Simmons.


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Highlight [Highlight] Some clips of Tatum and Brown playing one on one the last few days

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Ty Lue on Kawhi’s physique: “He’s in shape, not a lot of body fat, you know what I’m saying, but he is big. Big as hell, actually.

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Joel Embiid has never made first team all NBA, even DeAndre Jordan did.


We all know who to blame for this. Joel Embiid has been an mvp candidate for multiple seasons and arguably top 5. Has this ever happened before? A player of this caliber never making first team?

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WestBrook, AD, Lebron have mini 3 point competition. Westbrook beats both and MOCKS ADs shooting form.

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Suns' Deandre Ayton Reportedly Blames Robert Sarver for Not Getting 5-Year Contract

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For more watch that ESPN breakdown. TLDR: sarver didnt want that fifth year purely out of greed.

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Lonzo on his knee: "I really can't run. I can't run or jump. There's like a range from like 30 to 60 degrees when my knee is bent that I have like no force, and I can't catch myself."

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Magic Johnson comforts girl who’s HIV positive (1992)

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If 27, 7, and 7, is "The Lebron," what stat-lines should we associate with other players?


Here's a couple that I think of.

30, 5, and 5: "The Mike."

14 points and 14 assists: "The Stock."

21, 11, and 3 assists:>! "The Timmy."!<

10, 10 and 10: "The Jason." Since that was the normal type of triple double he would get.

22, 2 and 2: The Reggie Miller. Or the Allan Houston.

28 and 15. "Not the Shaq." For some reason Shaq obsesses over this stat line but he was 29 and 13 in his best year.


I also think that putting up 30 points on over 80% shooting may become known as a "Zion." He did it 5 times in his last healthy season, it's really hard to find examples of anyone else doing it. Shaq for example, only pulled it off once in that 30 and 13 season.

(Added spoiler tags for drama sake, haha)

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Jimmy Butler says he has Country Album coming out soon - "I've been in the lab, we got some hits...I wanna view myself as a DJ Khaled of this country world".

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[Guillory] Willie Green says Zion Williamson “dominated” in scrimmages with the team last night. He noted Zion’s force and speed were really impressive.

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Obi Toppin on playing with Hartenstein: "It's gonna be amazing. He's definitely a great passer…he's telling me...'always know I might pass it.' Having a big like that being able to pass out the post…stretch the floor, it's amazing. We've been working this whole summer"

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Matt Barnes on Ime Oduka: When Everything Comes Out He'll Be Lucky to Ever Coach in NBA (Part 2)

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[Dave DuFour] Was talking with my neighbor about photography tonight. He ran home and came back with these originals shot by his close friend in the 50s.



Was talking with my neighbor about photography tonight.

He ran home and came back with these originals shot by his close friend in the 50s.

Pictured: Original photos of the old school Los Angeles Lakers playing the Hawks and Pistons, featuring shots of Jerry West and Elgin Baylor in their prime.

One of the photos vs. the Hawks looks like they’re basically playing in a rec center.

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LeBron James, Draymond Green, Kevin Love join Major League Pickleball ownership group

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[Cole] Kristaps Porzingis says he is looking forward to playing with Bradley Beal tomorrow as it will be their first official time on court. Kyle Kuzma says he is going to shop in Japan.


Kristaps Porzingis says he is looking forward to playing with Bradley Beal tomorrow as it will be their first official time on court.

Porzingis also says Rui Hachimura is a great player and ambassador for Japan

Kyle Kuzma says he is going to shop in Japan

The Wizards tip off against the Warriors this Friday at 6 am EST. Can Washington contend for a play-in spot or something greater? Will the champs go back to back for the second time in seven years? None of these questions will be answered in the preseason, but it’s still hoops.


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PSA: The NBA Has Opened Their Archives....Kind Of


There isn't a ton there, but the NBA has added some games that were never previously available.

If you have League Pass you can view each teams "classic games", or at least what they dub to be classic. A lot of the stuff added is just the same recycled games they've shown a million times over the years, or worse, more recent games within the last few years.

But, after a very quick glance there's at least a handful of games that haven't been seen since the day they originally aired.

The most exciting game (IMO) is in the Sacramento Kings section. They've posted a game against the Bulls from February 16, 1987. This game has never been uploaded to YouTube or been made available in the collecting community. Many MJ diehards have been looking for this game for decades.

There's also a 57 point game from Adrian Dantley in the Utah Jazz section that I believe to be pretty rare. And then there's a handful of games from the 90's that I don't recall ever seeing either.

All-in-all this is just a tiny drop in the bucket, but at least they've actually opened up their massive archive a bit.

Hope someone finds this as interesting as I do. lol

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News [Trudell] Russell Westbrook on Darvin Ham’s first practice: “It’s always great to get a new coach’s energy.”

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