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Reminder: save (again?!?) and organize all your "Reddit bookmarks", on all the accounts you ever held


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Here's how we deal with bad, smoky air

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If you want to call someone an idiot but without consequence, call them a dingdong instead.


It’s impossible to be offended by being called a dingdong. Every person I’ve called a dingdong just says, “haha, dingdong”. Boss, wife, friends, family, all fair game, all dingongs.

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DIY air purifier

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Are requests ok? How do I cool down a room if I can’t open the window?


Can’t have any windows open because hay fever season is making my asthma pretty bad. Problem is that this room is heating up like a greenhouse. In the uk so no air conditioning.

I’m keeping blinds closed during the day, I have a small fan to try and circulate air and I have a wheat bag (like a hot water bottle with grains instead of liquid) that I take out of the freezer and sleep with at night.

Does anyone have any extra tips for me to try?

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ANNOUNCEMENT: We, as a subreddit, have decided we will be going dark on June 12th for 48 hours in support of the community protest (details at the link)

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Hard water is ruining my sheets and towels


What do I do?

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using affirm + credit score


i recently used affirm for the first time and it got me wondering — can it help improve your credit score / history if you’re currently using a debit card? i don’t have a credit card because i have no credit history (no student loans — i was always told it’s good not to have student loans to pay back and then i try to open up a credit card + boom, unable to 😭) and therefore, have been working on finding a bank to open up a secured card. i also got rejected from a new banks when trying to open a secured card up, only chime would let me. but if i can use affirm to (occasionally) help build up a credit score with or without a secured card, then that’s definitely something i wanna know! i tried googling to research but unfortunately the question seemed too nuanced for google bc it just kept showing the answer that it can potentially help build credit history but couldn’t tell me if that included when paying with/using a debit card :/

edit: took out my request for general advice in terms of building credit because my main/most important question was about affirm + debit cards and so far i’ve gotten more advice about credit cards and how to build credit history with secured cards and things like that. i very much appreciate that advice, but that request was more so intended to be an afterthought and not the main thing i was looking for help with/answers for. i’ve done quite a bit of research on credit cards and secured cards and although i don’t know everything, i meant it in the “any advice besides the obvious methods” but i should’ve been more clear about that, my bad!