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Here's how we deal with bad, smoky air

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If you want to call someone an idiot but without consequence, call them a dingdong instead.


It’s impossible to be offended by being called a dingdong. Every person I’ve called a dingdong just says, “haha, dingdong”. Boss, wife, friends, family, all fair game, all dingongs.

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Reminder: save (again?!?) and organize all your "Reddit bookmarks", on all the accounts you ever held


Suggestion sourced from HN

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DIY air purifier

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Are requests ok? How do I cool down a room if I can’t open the window?


Can’t have any windows open because hay fever season is making my asthma pretty bad. Problem is that this room is heating up like a greenhouse. In the uk so no air conditioning.

I’m keeping blinds closed during the day, I have a small fan to try and circulate air and I have a wheat bag (like a hot water bottle with grains instead of liquid) that I take out of the freezer and sleep with at night.

Does anyone have any extra tips for me to try?

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Hard water is ruining my sheets and towels


What do I do?

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using affirm + credit score


i recently used affirm for the first time and it got me wondering — can it help improve your credit score / history if you’re currently using a debit card? i don’t have a credit card because i have no credit history (no student loans — i was always told it’s good not to have student loans to pay back and then i try to open up a credit card + boom, unable to 😭) and therefore, have been working on finding a bank to open up a secured card. i also got rejected from a new banks when trying to open a secured card up, only chime would let me. but if i can use affirm to (occasionally) help build up a credit score with or without a secured card, then that’s definitely something i wanna know! i tried googling to research but unfortunately the question seemed too nuanced for google bc it just kept showing the answer that it can potentially help build credit history but couldn’t tell me if that included when paying with/using a debit card :/

edit: took out my request for general advice in terms of building credit because my main/most important question was about affirm + debit cards and so far i’ve gotten more advice about credit cards and how to build credit history with secured cards and things like that. i very much appreciate that advice, but that request was more so intended to be an afterthought and not the main thing i was looking for help with/answers for. i’ve done quite a bit of research on credit cards and secured cards and although i don’t know everything, i meant it in the “any advice besides the obvious methods” but i should’ve been more clear about that, my bad!

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Sock drying machine that is similar to boot dryer?


Hey, I wash most of the things I wear after two instances. I alternate them so I'd wear something else the day after to give the previous one a chance to air out.

It works for most of the stuff I wear except the socks.. They just get crusty and smelly even after a day of not using.

I was just wondering if you know any efficient method to get rid of the excess moisture in worn socks after a single use, possibly like a boots dryer machine, but for socks?

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Centipedes and isopods


Anyone have good methods for getting rid of these guys? Better to treat exterior or interior?

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Any tips on mosquito problem?


Have a stream in our backyard that comes from ground springs in the hills behind us. Now that it's summer tho the flow is pretty slow and I let it get overgrown and filled with algae. They've been so bad the last couple of days that I finally cleared the whole thing out and got it flowing better again. Just wondering if they're still gonna hang around and also if they'll still spawn in the grass if the stream is keeping it wet? Thanks.

r/lifehacks 3d ago

Best way to hang airfix models from the ceiling?


I want to hang some aeroplane models from the ceiling in someones bedroom. What's the easiest way that is secure?

I was thinking fishing wire and some kind of pin? But I'm not 100% that it would be secure over time.

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Best tips for planning a big trip?


Obviously this applies to a lot of people/situations but I’m planning a trip for me and my husband to go to New York this summer, late 20s. We’re both feeling overwhelmed to figure out how to plan, choose restaurants, etc in a humongous city we’ve never been to!

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Whats the best life hacks for cheap/efficient laundry


Says it all in the title. Just don't want my time being wasted and if I can save money along the way even better! Would appreciate any advice.

r/lifehacks 4d ago

Our washing machine has stagnant water and mold in the ring that door fits into after it’s done washing


This has been a new occurrence for the past few months. I hate the newly washed clothes touches it. I have a cloth I keep just to absorb this water before I take my clean washes clothes out. Does anyone know how to stop this from happening?

EDIT: I did find those holes in the gasket blocked with hair and gunk (eww but also hopes it solves the water issue). Running a cleaning cycle now. Will buy some of the things suggested by the kind people on here and try to problem solve like that. Thank you everyone for some of the most detailed answers to solve this #adulting problem lol. Much appreciate.

UPDATE: after cleaning out the gunk and running a cycle, there was no water leftover. Woot woot! :) thanks everyone!

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Shoot your best hack to clean and remove the black mold in there!

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r/lifehacks 3d ago

Ramen on the go


I’m gonna be staying at some hotels without fridge/microwave. Is there a portable east to clean method of making ramen? Looked at the mini electric hot pots and there are a zillion brands with inconsistent reviews.. would appreciate any recommendations!

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This method of tying up the cable

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Cheap wood floor fix (ask)


We just signned lease on a rental home that is the only property in our area we can afford with only one working adult. My dad is hard of hearing and didn't hear a bookcase scratching the floor, he doesn't even know he did it. we've had a massive string of medical and otherwise emergencies so our nest egg is in the negitives. It's a deep scratch and I don't need it fixed permanently but I need a practical or atleast less than 30 us dollars way to hide it for at least a month while I get spare money together and let my parents destress from the lastest circus of bad luck. I've already used a baking soda olive oil mix and cheap paint but it's still not well hidden. Anything will help I'm in a rough position and can try most things once.

r/lifehacks 5d ago

how do i remove this stain on the sleeve? it might be stained from the black part of the shirt but i’m not sure, any ideas on what it might be?

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Untying plastic bags with ease

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Coffee filter????


So on vacay and no one has coffee filters...... Brawny paper towel to the rescue. Works just as well as a filter.

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motion sickness


this helped a lot but I am trying to wane down on the sugar. any recommendations?

- comfort lemon ginger belly drops

I usually get sick esp in car rides. Sometimes boat and airplane. however, I will be going to a lot of rollercoaster rides soon so really want to prepare...

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Are there any life hacks for when u r extremely stressed?


I am facing life situations that are very stressful and the stress is really killing I don't wanna reveal my situation here but something if it could help ?

Edit please no illegal shit

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Is there a life hack to fix bright clothes stained in the wash?


Hello! I have a pair of pastel tights that were accidentally washed with dark t-shirts and now the tights aren't as bright as usual. The black definitely bled into them. Is there a way for me to bring the color back? I don't have any color-safe bleach so are there any other things I can use? Thanks in advance!

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Get more Ice out of ice tray when refilling by flipping remaining cubes vertical

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