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If your school doesn’t let you use Wikipedia as a source, find the source that Wikipedia is using and credit that source instead.



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Feeling depressed or unable to move your thoughts to a brighter place? Physically change the place you're in.


Our physical surroundings affect our mood/psychological state (proven in many researches). But what I really meant to convey here is that whenever you think your thoughts are going out of your control, change your place. Maybe you're in your bed, in a specific location of your room/apartment, in a specific chair that is placed a certain way. Just get out of that place and sit/stand somewhere else. We form a lot of mental habits and associate our emotions to multiple physical stimulations. How we are sitting/standing/lying down in a certain space can also contribute to that stimulation. I remember texting this person I don't speak to anymore a lot from my bed. And I've gotten really sad over it even when I try not to. The same was happening to me one evening when I felt severely trapped in negative thoughts and felt overwhelmed by how much I was missing her. That's when it hit me and I quickly decided to move to my work chair. I know, there are many variables here— maybe it was the act of getting up, or moving or sitting down, I don't know for sure but it helped me. So the next thing you think your thoughts are uncontrollably racing towards a certain darkness, try observing if it happens in a specific place and then move away from it. Maybe create new associations with that place but move away from it for that time. I hope this helps you, even if a little. Be awesome to each other!

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Pills tip, v2

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If you get splinters in your fingers, try using your phone's flashlight like this, you will see them much better to remove them

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If you alternate the orientation of the glasses in your cabinet, you can pack them tighter and get about a third of your cabinet space back.

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I keep forgetting if i took my pills

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How to save a shrunken felted sweater


Before anyone asks: I DIDNT PUT IT IN THE DRYER! We got a new washing machine I put sweater in sweater bag selected delicate cold water only and extra rinse (because it seemed a little stiff from soap still in it) and apparently extra rinse = hot water.

Anyways it shrank and felted. It shrank a lot. I’m 5’9” man with wide shoulders I don’t even think a small adult woman could wear this.

What is the best way to unshrink it? And can it be unfelted or at least made presentable so I can wear it.

This was made by my wife. She is less devastated than I am. Would really like to save it if possible. Otherwise it might become a dog sweater.

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Study/Organization Hacks?


I'm taking 2 online courses at the moment. But having a hard time finding the time to study. 2 weeks in a row, I've been submitting my work at the last last minute cause I couldn't find the time. What are some things I can do to help me find a good study balance?

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snail mail


Hi there, does anyone know a site where I can write a mail online and they post the physical mail for free for me in the US? The sites that I'm seeing they either from the UK or they are not for free or they don't have promo codes or free trial.


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A little help


Anyone have a hack for getting iodine out of a bamboo blanket?

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No magnetic tool, no problem

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What are some road trip hacks?


Taking a long one to the northeast this summer. First in a few years. Was curious if anyone had any good hacks for saving money or seeing/doing free stuff.

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Use a bungee cord to keep the trash bag from slipping.

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Cut your NYT price by 70% in 30 seconds


I got an email today from the New York Times informing me they were raising the price of my digital subscription from $16.99/mo to $20.99/mo starting in April.

I opened the NYT app, went to settings, clicked “Cancel my Subscription”, and it instantly offered me a 1-year promo price of $4.99/mo. Didn’t even have to deal with an agent.

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Request: What are your college/dorm life hacks?


Moving to college soon. Would love to hear some life hacks for dorm life and college/adulting in general

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Migraine got you cowering from light and sound? Pitch a tent for light and sound buffering


This one is highly situational, but I feel silly for never trying it before. Now I might never ride out a migraine differently. (Apologies for any typos. Got a fifty piece brass band going between my ears.)

A bit of background: my desk is one of those massive behemoths that you find in old offices, schools, and factories—as tall as a dining table, solid metal, with a deep middle drawer, and it took three people to get it into our den. This thing had two floors of a building collapse on it and it held up. A whole ass person can fit in the footwell, and with padding, it’s actually pretty comfortable. I often wind up in there if I have a panic or anxiety attack because dark confined spaces make me feel safe. Well, today, I had a hunch, and I’ve discovered the holy grail of light and sound suppression. Not everyone has a desk this awesome, but it would probably work for tables, too.

Build a pallet of blankets or pillows under the table or desk. Make yourself a comfy little nest. If using a table, throw a comforter over the table—large enough to cover all sides all the way to the floor, tucking the ends under. If you’re using a desk, drape a blanket over the keyboard tray or drawers, and pull in the sides. Boom. You now have the equivalent of a black hole capable of isolating you from any and all light sources—even the painful LEDs on the smoke detectors that make your eyeballs cry—and muffling sound to a comfortable level. Curl up in a fetal position with a drink, snack, migraine-safe activity, and maybe a cuddly pet, and maybe nap.

Disclaimer: do not admit any gassy pets into your sanctuary, and if you are gassy, keep your backside outside. You will be trapped with any fumes. Hence why Woozle is howling at the door…I dozed off with a cuddly cat, and I woke up hacking up my liquified lungs when the little monster sleep-farted.

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what a good idea!

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What are some tips for train travel holidays?


I will be in a position to do a train travel holiday around Germany and beyond this summer. These holidays can be short or long and don't really have any restrictions except being in Schengen countries. Do you guys have any suggestions that might help me in the long run?

Thanks in advance.

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What are some long distance train ride hacks?


Taking my family on the Southwest Chief, but riding coach LA to almost Chicago. 2 adults and 2 kids (7 and 6). Any clever hacks are greatly appreciated!!

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Request: Anti-Mosquito hack


Sudden increase in Mosquito in my area, we tried Spraying but they return shortly and we can’t do that regularly.

We use the zapper that looks like tennis racket but it is a hassle to use and doesn’t help when i’m trying to sleep.

Also tried the stationary UV zapper too but it doesn’t seem effective.

I’m killing about 10 mosquitoes a day in my room alone (no exaggeration, I pile their bodies) and there are easily hundreds in our backyard

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Used too much rinse aid in your dish washer?


If you accidentally use too much rinse aid in your dishwasher (which leaves an unwanted durable white residue on things), put a cup right-side-up on the upper or middle shelf & fill it with white/clear vinegar, along with the residue covered dishes. Then run your regular/auto cycle and everything will come out sparkling and clean.

Side note: For anyone thinking this has to do with the detergent, it 100% does not. From personal experience, my detergent use has always been the same and same amount. After accidentally overfilling the rinse aid receptacle and overrunning it into the dishwasher basin, my dishes ended up with the residue. Through much trial and error, rinses, figuring out it wasn’t the detergent, etc - I luckily found some wonderful information about rinse aid staining and how to remove it. That’s why this is shared here for y’all to save you from the same trouble and time to fix it. Hope y’all have a great day!

Final note: After figuring out the rinse aid was causing this and finding the remedy of the vinegar, I flat out stopped using the rinse aid after doing all the research about it. Most rinse aids are harmful chemicals and have no place on things we eat & drink off. So I stopped using it completely and the dishes look wonderful, if not better actually - plus I’m not inhaling or consuming those chemicals anymore. Woohoo! 🙂

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Whenever you're approaching a sketchy appliance, you should do so with the BACK of your hand, because if you simply grab it and it shocks you, your muscles would contract and you'd be stuck to it NSFW

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Could anyone suggest anyway to block out this gap on the top of window? Tried to put sheets on it but made my room look messy and kept falling down

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What to do when the cloth layer on the shoe insoles peels off. Should I use glue, stitch it or?

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You can replace your tangled electronics bin with a hanging shoe organizer.

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