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Misc [Giveaway] As all things coming to an end, this is the last giveaway. But an end is merely a new beginning. Thanks for the 2022 r/formula1, much love to r/all of you. Pick any light you want, enter by writing a comment. Bot will randomly pick 6 comments in 24 hours. Lights out and away we go!

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Misc Dennis Hauger, Formula 2 driver is shown on a packet of chicken nuggets in Norway

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Misc The FIA has provided an official area for "celebratory donuts" after the race

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Misc Verstappen on why Hamilton clash was "a shame" - and his "reasons" for not obeying team orders in Sao Paulo

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Misc [Giveaway] Hey r/formula1, after 97k upvotes, 117k comments, 39 lights given away, we are here with 30 tracks again, thanks to you! Six lights every two weeks. How many tracks can you recognize? Six random comments will be chosen as winners in 24hrs. All costs on me. Lights out and away we go!

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Misc [Giveaway] With the season now over I want to give back to this amazing community. Write a comment and win one of 5 posters of your favourite team, all costs on me. Lights out and away we go!

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Misc Seeing F1 everywhere I look

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Misc The annual F1 fashion review has arrived: Every single outfit Lewis Hamilton has worn in the 2022 season!

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Misc [OT] Just noticed this Manga-looking dude on the livery @ Abu Dhabi; why was it there?

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Misc [OT] I always thought "honey badger" was a cute nickname that Daniel Ricciardo adopted. Never knew he basically called himself a demon

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Misc [iRacing] iRacers can now hop behind the virtual steering wheel of the Mercedes-AMG F1 W13 E Performance!

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Misc Max interview with Viaplay - "I'll be here until atleat 2028".


So I just watched the post season interview Max did with Viaplay.

Here is the summary (just the points that were slightly interesting):

  • Max showed up in shorts and a white t-shirt.

  • They talked about Alonso, If he plans to be in F1 in his 40s too like him. "No, definitely not" he said immediately. By that time he would not be racing anymore, not in F1 atleast, because there are a lot of other things in life he wants to enjoy. He also complained that there are way too much races per season right now for him to enjoy F1 later on in life. He said he will be here for sure untill 2028, he will be 31 then, he will see what happens then he said.

  • He doesn't care to break any more records, it would be nice he says, he hopes to add more championships to his record, but if it ends here, he is satisfied. He said it's not a given to ever get another season like this again, with so many wins either. He just hopes they will keep having a car that can win races, that's what it's all about for him.

  • Asked about the drama in Brazil. He said he really doesn't care about the online hate for him and how intense people get on social nowadays, he doesn't let the hate towards him personally, affect him. He said those people arguing online have no clue what sort of stuff goes on behind closed doors in F1, and there's a lot going on. Apparently a lot of hate gets send to his family and girlfriend, that's what he doesn't like. He also said that he is a teamplayer. He said he and GP are very good in setting up the car, and that always gets copied by the other side of the garage, which he is happy to do, but doesn't have to. He wasn't asked for his reasons why he did what he did in Brazil, he said that if he explained, people wouldn't understand anyway.

Edit: forgot to mention this one

  • During the Monza weekend Max had dinner with Nyck de Vries to give him some tips for the race. He told him to just call up Marko and ask for a spot on the team. Nyck said "what, seriously?". Max said "Yea, just call him and ask, he will appreciate that". So Nyck did, and look where he is now.

Pretty awful interview btw, the woman doing the interview didn't really deliver. Bad questions, interview didn't flow well at all. She would ask him stupid stuff like what he thought about Lewis his fashion show every weekend and such. You could clearly see he wasn't comfortable. The years before Olav Mol from Ziggo used to do the post season interviews with him, those were great as they have a genuine connection together.

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Misc after 2.5 years, I've completed collecting 80% of f1 world champions' cars. all are 1:43 in scale.

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Misc [Giveaway] Back with whats left and added 3 tracks! Once again we gather today... to spoil 6 people. 6 comments picked randomly via redditraffler in 24hr. All costs on me. Lights out and away we go!

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Misc 104 days until the 2023 Bahrain GP

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Misc Happy Birthday Christian

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Misc BREAKING: FIA to utilise new technology to crackdown on social media abuse

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Misc Four intense battles, three races to go: a single point separates Alfa Romeo (52) and Aston Martin (51) in the standings, a mere two points separate Haas (38) and AlphaTauri (36), McLaren (138) is neck and neck with Alpine (144), and Mercedes (416) has a chance to catch Ferrari (469)!

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Misc A recycling yard in Germany once had to scrap a fully intact 2002 McLaren - Mercedes V10 F1 car driven by David Coulthard to protect the intellectual property

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Misc You guys made MooMoo angry

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Misc This is a reminder that now is right time to buy F1 merch

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Misc As expected, Vegas GP tickets are insanely priced. More info inside.

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Misc Red Bull pulled off an amazing front wing change this weekend.


With all the other topics to discuss this week no one has mentioned that the RB crew pulled off a super quick front wing change for Max. When they first finished I thought they had saw something and gave up and were going to retire the car. 10 seconds to change a wing has to be a record.

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Misc Jost Capito: "Logan is now a complete driver, ready for Formula One"

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Misc And Now for Something Completely Different

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