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[Giveaway] Hey r/formula1, after 97k upvotes, 117k comments, 39 lights given away, we are here with 30 tracks again, thanks to you! Six lights every two weeks. How many tracks can you recognize? Six random comments will be chosen as winners in 24hrs. All costs on me. Lights out and away we go! Misc

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u/tmim98 Pirelli Hard Sep 28 '22

I need some help identifying some of the tracks. On the top picture, the one between Abu Dhabi and Nürburgring, and the two below Abu Dhabi.

They all look great btw.


u/Potential-Brain7735 Sep 29 '22

Between Abu Dhabi and Nurburgring is Watkins Glen, in upstate New York.

Below Abu Dhabi to the left is Sebring, in Florida.

And below Abu Dhabi to the right is Willow Springs, in Southern California.


u/tmim98 Pirelli Hard Sep 29 '22

Thanks you!


u/PlataBear Virgin Sep 28 '22

The first one you asked for is Shanghai. I don't know what the right one is of the two you asked for but the left one is Sebring.