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Open Thread [General Discussion] Around the Horn - 12/8/22


So what's this thread for?

  • Discussion of yesterday's games :(
  • Excitement for today's games :(
  • General questions
  • Mildly interesting facts
  • Praising Santa 🎅
  • Anything else worth sharing/asking that doesn't warrant its own post

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Day Feature
Sunday 12/4 Start of the 2022 MLB Winter Meetings in San Diego, California - Megathread
Contemporary Era Committee Hall of Fame ballot announced (MLB Network at 8:00 PM ET)
Monday 12/5 RBaseball Weekly Episode 101
Winter Meetings Day 2 - Megathread
All-MLB Teams announced (MLB Network at 8:00 PM ET)
Tuesday 12/6 Winter Meetings Day 3 - Megathread
Ford C. Frick Award winner announced
Inaugural MLB Draft Lottery (MLB Network at 8:30 PM ET)
Relievers of the Year announced (MLB Network at 9:00 PM ET) [ NL Winner , AL Winner ]
Wednesday 12/7 Winter Meetings Day 4 - Megathread
2022 MLB Rule 5 Draft (MLB.com at 5:00 PM ET)
Thursday 12/8
Friday 12/9
Saturday 12/10

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2022 r/baseball Call Your Shot Update: WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT - /u/everythingbagel1821


After the World Series update, u/everythingbagel1821 held a 30 point lead and it turns out that 210 points is all that was necessary as they claim the title of 2022 r/baseball Call Your Shot Winner! Congratulations to you and thank you everyone who set out to predict how the 2022 season would go. Below is the final scoreboard for those above 30%:


User Score % of points
/u/Everythingbagel1821 210 40.38%
/u/mjspald 205 39.42%
/u/MrMcSneed 200 38.46%
/u/TopChud 190 36.54%
/u/San4d 190 36.54%
/u/pull_gang 185 35.58%
/u/thomas_oaks 180 34.62%
/u/Hairygrim 180 34.62%
/u/johan__99 180 34.62%
/u/Huskie1997 180 34.62%
/u/_taylorjarvis_ 175 33.65%
/u/Blinkarn 175 33.65%
/u/docphilsman 170 32.69%
/u/bez424 170 32.69%
/u/casualjayguy 170 32.69%
/u/nemotheomen22 170 32.69%
/u/Chikachikaslim_shady 170 32.69%
/u/TommyWiseau22 170 32.69%
/u/jabask 165 31.73%
/u/GreatMexicanTortilla 165 31.73%
/u/FritosRule 165 31.73%
/u/IBumpFuzz 165 31.73%
/u/Dylanward01 160 30.77%
/u/Jerseysmash 160 30.77%
/u/gabek333 160 30.77%
/u/GoldenXXIV 160 30.77%​

As for tiebreakers: we'll let you all judge for yourself:

Rank User 2022 Season Prediction
4th /u/TopChud Patrick Sandoval will have a lower ERA than Robbie Ray
4th /u/San4d NO PREDICTION
7th /u/thomas_oaks Tatis does not play this season, but the Padres still end up in the postseason
7th /u/Hairygrim Over 2.5 hits from pitcher's slot from players not named Shohei Ohtani
7th /u/johan__99 The Yankees will have 3 40 home run hitters and NONE of them will be in the top 3 of MVP. The Rays will somehow, someway, win the AL East. The White Sox coast to 100 wins because of their division. The Astros do not let their grasp on the division go much to the city of Seattle’s chagrin.
7th /u/Huskie1997 Dylan Cease throws a perfect game
11th /u/_taylorjarvis_ We will see the most losses by a team in the last 50 years
11th /u/Blinkarn There will be a team that will alternate win-loss-win-loss for thirty (30) games some point around late June/July/Early August
13th /u/docphilsman at least one mascot gets sued for in game antics and the evidence is caught in a viral tiktok
13th /u/bez424 There will be three no-hitters in the 2022 regular season. (including combined no-hitters)
13th /u/casualjayguy Another team will be implicated in a cheating scandal (one that hasn't previously been implicated in one)
13th /u/nemotheomen22 Josh Donaldson hits 30 HR
13th /u/Chikachikaslim_shady Fish man regresses, hits fewer HRs than Pujols
13th /u/TommyWiseau22 Mariners.
19th /u/jabask Pujols gets precisely 699 career home runs
19th /u/GreatMexicanTortilla Max Scherzer and Jacob DeGrom fight
19th /u/FritosRule Three players will hit for the cycle this year
19th /u/IBumpFuzz There will be a new league wide homer record set by the end of the season
23rd /u/Dylanward01 We will have a three team playoff for one of the wildcard spots, like we wanted (but didn’t get) last year
23rd /u/Jerseysmash The Mets will have their second ever no-hitter this season
23rd /u/gabek333 Two perfect games and three no hitters. Oakland announces it will move to Vegas.
23rd /u/GoldenXXIV Correa joins the Tigers and they finish with a WORSE record than 2021.

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Image Padres projected starting lineup in 2023

Post image

r/baseball 9h ago

[Karoll] The Chicago White Sox have won three playoff series over the last 105 years. All three came in 2005.

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r/baseball 3h ago

[Ryan Phillips] In case you’re wondering, yes the Padres plan on re-signing Machado if/when he opts out. And they still want to lock Soto up long term. Asked a Padres source how they’ll afford all of this and his response was so matter of fact: “Well, Seidler’s a billionaire so…”

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Need a whole lot more of this stuff and a whole lot less "Imagine how bad that contract will look in 6 years!" stuff

r/baseball 6h ago Wholesome

Rumor Apparently the Mariners are pushing to prevent Luis Castillo from representing the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic

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r/baseball 1h ago

Image Jacob deGrom in his new uniform with Rangers GM Chris Young and Manager Bruce Bochy

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r/baseball 5h ago

[Shaikin] Dodgers sign Jason Heyward to minor league contract with spring training invite.

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r/baseball 5h ago Crab Rave

At the San Diego airport, a stunned Chaim Bloom tried to process the reality of the Red Sox without Xander Bogaerts - The Boston Globe

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r/baseball 17h ago Silver Helpful Heartwarming Facepalm

News [Heyman] Bogaerts to Padres. $280M 11 years

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Which franchise doesn't get enough hate and why?


r/baseball 1h ago

Image Trea Turner rockin' his new Phillies jersey with his son, Sam Fuld and Dave Dombrowski

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r/baseball 2h ago

Rumor [Susan Slusser] Giants emerge from winter meetings as favorites to land Carlos Correa

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r/baseball 4h ago

[Metsmerized] An agent on Steve Cohen via The Athletic: “He’s the Steinbrenner of the new century. He’s an owner that has enough money that this is a passion of his. Yes, it’s a business, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a passion... That’s good for baseball. It lights a fire under other owners.”

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r/baseball 5h ago

[Acee] The Padres understand that they don’t get to this point and stop. Still seeking a veteran starting pitcher and big(gish) bat. Plenty of maneuverability in lineup. And their presumptive CF, Trent Grisham, is a potential trade piece.

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r/baseball 2h ago

[Passan] After the tragedy in Uvalde, MLB is helping establish a new Boys & Girls Club in the city. Proceeds from an auction, which includes a meet-and-greet with Mike Trout and watching a game with Mets owner Steve Cohen, go to the club.

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r/baseball 8h ago

[Curry] Hal Steinbrenner had an audience with Pope Francis on December 1, according to the Office of the Holy See. Five days later, he closed the Aaron Judge negotiations from Italy. I’d call that a memorable week.

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r/baseball 5h ago

[Rangers] He’s here and he’s perfect.

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r/baseball 7h ago

News [Phillies] The Phillies have signed shortstop Trea Turner to an 11-year contract, President of Baseball Operations David Dombrowski announced today.

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[Rangers] Rangers Introduce Jacob deGrom

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Analysis Day 27 of Predicting the 2023 MLB Season with a Marble Race - 4th Place Simulation

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News 'I have no words': What MLB evaluators are saying about Masataka Yoshida's $90 million deal with Red Sox

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[Ragazzo] Mets really like Kodai Senga and would consider giving him a 5-6 year deal

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r/baseball 3h ago

Rumor [Ted Schwertz] #MNTwins are engaged in discussions with #Marlins regarding Pablo Lopez. Has had around a 9.0 K/9 and solid FIP numbers the past 3 years.

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[Curry] The Yankees tried to acquire Rodon before the trade deadline, but talks with the Giants never gained much traction. So they've had interest in him for a while. In addition to his talent and swing & miss stuff, Yankees like his toughness. They see him as a great fit in NY market.

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[Eugene Freedman] There are two baseball leagues. It's not the haves & have-nots as many in the media would have you believe. It's actually those who choose to compete & the profiteers. The Padres are showing their revenue can support a $200+M payroll. Your team's can too. Even that one.

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[Milliken] Rafael Devers posted his goodbye to Xander Bogaerts this morning on Instagram. “😒😒😒 Thank you for teaching me many things. I’m always going to admire you as a person and as a baller, the best 👏 You’re an example to follow 🫡🫡”

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