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One Piece: Chapter 1051 Current Chapter

Chapter 1051: "The Shogun of Wano - Kozuki Momonosuke"

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Official Release OFFLINE
TCBscans website (No link. Please just type it on google if you want it) ONLINE
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Ch. 1051 Official Release (Mangaplus): 05/06/2022

Ch. 1052 Scan Release: ~09/06/2022

Please discuss the manga here and in the theory/discussion post. Any other post will be removed until 24h after the release

Please also remember to put the chapter number in the title for any future post talking about this chapter.

Please remember to only use vague titles until the official release drops.

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u/Paladinwatch Jun 04 '22

adult momonosuke is a chad wt tf


u/DPSeven Pirate Jun 05 '22

He has his dad genetic lol