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One Piece: Chapter 1051 Current Chapter

Chapter 1051: "The Shogun of Wano - Kozuki Momonosuke"

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Ch. 1051 Official Release (Mangaplus): 05/06/2022

Ch. 1052 Scan Release: ~09/06/2022

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u/Kooky_Delivery1735 Jun 05 '22

Luffy: “I don’t want Kouzuki Oden on my crew. I want Yamato!”


u/ceelo18 Jun 05 '22

Luffy never had a problem with ussop calling himself captain why would he give a shit if yamato wants to be oden


u/zenith4395 Jun 05 '22 edited Jun 09 '22

But luffy did have a problem with it. He didn’t have an issue with the term “captain usopp”, but he complained every time usopp implied he was the captain of the straw hats


u/C9Panch0 Jun 05 '22

Yeah and that spawned an entire conflict on water 7


u/DPSeven Pirate Jun 05 '22

Umm I don't think Usopp being self-proclaimed captain has anything to do with Water 7 conflict


u/zenith4395 Jun 05 '22

It had zero to do with it. The water 7 conflict was because of the merry


u/ceelo18 Jun 05 '22

Yet on the crew he remains


u/januarysdaughter The Revolutionary Army Jun 05 '22

Because Yamato is taking someone else's identity. He even said "You're NOT Oden. He's dead!"


u/ceelo18 Jun 05 '22

Ussop is taking luffys identity as captain by speaking his delusions


u/Meles_B Jun 05 '22

Yeah but Ussop is cool and based.