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One Piece: Chapter 1051 Current Chapter

Chapter 1051: "The Shogun of Wano - Kozuki Momonosuke"

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Ch. 1051 Official Release (Mangaplus): 05/06/2022

Ch. 1052 Scan Release: ~09/06/2022

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u/sc00p401 Jun 05 '22

Okay, I'm gonna admit I totally expected him to look like his father.

Imagine my surprise when we see his face is actually more similar to Zoro's.


u/CaptainThrowAway1232 Jun 05 '22

I think he looks more like Ace tbh.


u/sc00p401 Jun 05 '22

I suppose that's true.. The first person(s) I thought of were Zoro or Shimotsuki Ryuma.


u/JimmyxChanga Jun 05 '22

Perhaps I missed it but how has he suddenly aged so much?


u/christianort476 God Usopp Jun 05 '22

He needed to age so his dragon form can be full sized. Shinobu even says that “he looks just like…”


u/xdizee Jun 05 '22

the ripe ripe fruit aged him to his 20s


u/XRdragon Marine Jun 05 '22

Will he stay at that age or he would go back to his child form? I can't seem to recall what Shinobu said about this.


u/Narutofoxdemon2 Jun 05 '22

I believe she said it was basically a one way street, there is no going back.