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One Piece: Chapter 1051 Current Chapter

Chapter 1051: "The Shogun of Wano - Kozuki Momonosuke"

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Ch. 1051 Official Release (Mangaplus): 05/06/2022

Ch. 1052 Scan Release: ~09/06/2022

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u/Alchion Jun 04 '22

hopefully we get info on the ssg and the warlords especially mihawk, boa and weevil weve been waiting 2.5 years for that


u/Feneskrae Jun 05 '22

I'm guessing most of them will actually have been captured. They framed it in such a way that we're all expecting the Warlords to mop the floor with the Marines but I have a feeling it was just trying to mislead us for the shock factor of the later reveal. The SSG will probably have super Pacifistas that are capable of replacing the Warlords.


u/revisioncloud Jun 05 '22

I kinda agree in terms of narrative but it's gonna hard to see anything (especially artificial weapons) that could take down or capture Mihawk. He might survive/ escape though. But if the weapons are that strong, let's say Boa gets captured, Luffy will not take that lightly. Perhaps we'll be dealing with an immediate conflict between the WG and Luffy as the new Yonko?


u/pannitraa Jun 05 '22

I might be dumb. Ssg?


u/ARNList Jun 05 '22

The replacement for the warlords


u/pannitraa Jun 05 '22

But do we know what ssg means? I dont remember


u/ARNList Jun 05 '22

Special science group I think


u/gefjunhel Jun 05 '22

im thinking that will be shown as part of the newspaper bounties