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One Piece: Chapter 1051 Current Chapter

Chapter 1051: "The Shogun of Wano - Kozuki Momonosuke"

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Ch. 1051 Official Release (Mangaplus): 05/06/2022

Ch. 1052 Scan Release: ~09/06/2022

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u/Gimme_yourjaket Jun 04 '22

I don't want to do a topic about it so I'm asking this totally random question, at the slave auction on Shabondy, Kidd attracted all metal, even Zoro sword's were affected by it. Why wasn't Franky affected ?


u/bilal_RABAH Jun 05 '22

Good question!! Maybe Franky wasn't near enough him. And I think in any case Franky will be attracted because he's a cyborg like all devil'sfruit eater will be attracted by the power of Blackbear.


u/Variable_Decision53 Jun 04 '22

Wapol metal has special properties, one is that it’s nearly indestructible and two it’s only magnetic in special conditions-Gags, jokes and other shenanigans.


u/Escarlatina Jun 04 '22

Aluminium alloy and adam tree does the trick.


u/EcluiTuism Thriller Bark Victim's Association Jun 04 '22

Maybe he learnt to control what's attracted


u/Numerous-Cover-4527 Jun 04 '22

If the metal doesn't contain iron than it's non magnetic. I'm guessing Franky is made out of a non-ferrous stainless steel where as Zoro swords are probably high grade steel or iron.


u/ManWithTheFlag Jun 04 '22

Stainless steel still has iron in it.

If it's steel it has iron in it.


u/Numerous-Cover-4527 Jun 05 '22

No sir. Some stainless is ferrous depending on the grade of the material but the vast majority is non-ferrous. It's why you have to use a special rod to weld stainless steel to steel or the welds won't penetrate and hold and you're just gonna have a bad time.


u/gbrlsnchs Pirate Jun 04 '22

There are metals that are not attracted by magnetism. But good point, his material might be one of those weak metals.


u/destinymaker Prisoner Jun 05 '22

He's Wapo Metal made.