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Current Chapter One Piece: Chapter 1073


Chapter 1073: "Miss Buckingham Stussy"

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Ch. 1073 Official Release (Mangaplus): 29/01/2023

Ch. 1074 Scan Release: ~09/02/2023

There is a break next week.

Please discuss the manga here and in the theory/discussion post. Any other post will be removed until 24h after the release.

Please also remember to put the chapter number in the title for any future post talking about this chapter.

Please remember to only use vague titles until the official release drops.

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Cosplay My sogeking cosplay

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My sogeking cosplay for ressaca friends event, i've made everything in home.

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Discussion Sanji is a freak of nature


Seriously, he scares me when I ponder on him

  • Unlike Luffy, he has no devil fruit
  • Unlike Zoro, he has no lethal weapon
  • He refuses to use his hands for combat and relies solely on his legs
  • We never see him train and presumably he doesn't do much of it, and unlike Luffy he can't do much pondering on creative ways to fight

So with that in mind, him being able to hang in the same group as Zoro and Luffy without getting 1 shotted is crazy. This dude is a living prodigy

And please don't go bringing up Wano feats in the comments. I just started Wano so I'd like to remain unspoiled. Just found this to be fun and wanted to share it :)

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Fanart Bing Chilling

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Discussion A current status of One piece events #1073


As we get closer to the end, Oda pulls his strings together way way faster. The pacing in one Piece these last few weeks has been incredible, so brilliantly executed that I have trouble keeping track of everything that is happening right now.

Hence I had to write everything down to ease my mind.

Please find below a series of Highlighted events currently active in the manga.

I. Blackbeard & Beehive Island thread

Captain Koby has been abducted, now detained on Beehive

The Hero Garp is on its way to Beehive to save Koby

Blackbeard though, is currently fighting Law in the sea (mild reminder, Ao Kiji is now working with him)

Among his prisoners lies also Pudding

Even Gecko Moria is on Beehive

II. Individuals on their move

Now a structured organization, Cross Guild is up and running, definitely on the verge of doing something

Shanks has finally decided to take the One Piece (whatever that means), some can argue he will first start a skirmish with Bartholoméo, for the latter attacked one of his territories

PX-Kuma flees the Revolutionary Army HQ to clim Redline, in a desperate attempt to reach Marie Geoise (we can assume Dragon & co will try to chase after him ?)

But they have other worries, Sabo's last appearance being on this blasted island

The same Sabo rumored to have kidnaped Princess Vivi btw

Kidd reaches Elbaf (meeting soon, we hope, Jaguar D. Sauro, confirmed alive recently)

Miss Buckin is hinting at a potential rescue operation for Weevil (Marco might get involved?)

III. Egghead scene

Everything changes on a weekly basis so I'll just post this:

One of the Fiver elders is on its move for the first time ever (along with admiral Kizaru), soon landing on egghead (where Seraphims, CP-0, Jewelry Bonney, Vegapunk(s), Caribou the all knowing (he knows the whereabouts of 2/3 Antic Weapons) and SH crew are btw)

With all of this in mind, I'm sure none of you forgot what we are also facing in a (not so distant ?) future.

The infamous "incident" (it might just be referring to the end of the manga btw)

Here it is.


SO MUCH HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. It seems everyone is converging, I think we are closer than ever to Paramount war II. But this time, we'll be very familiar with every single soldier in this war. Remember when Blackbeard showed up with a new crew, when Shanks displayed his forces and introduced his nakama, when WhiteBeard's fleet disembarked. All these faces were new to us. We're on the verge of experiencing something completely different. Can't wait.

Anyways, I think I captured everything. Let me know if I forgot someone / something ? And please share your views on the future of One Piece, giving the number of actors at play !


We can't forget about these two

Kaido & BigMom chilling in the lava under Wano

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Fanart The Fake Hats are recruiting! Looking for young entrepreneurs with hunger for financial freedom. Fanart by me :)

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Theory I think i've figured it out...


Joyboy left behind his greatest treasure to humanity. So what is a persons greatest treasure? What is our greatest treassure? I would like to think that the majority of us treasures our memories/dreams above anything else. Memories are who we are and corealates a lot to dreams in a way. Think about it, our memories is like a code constantilty being written and programming us to who we are atm. Memories shape us and also shape what we wish and dream for.

With chapter 1072 revealing that Kumas nikyuu nikyuu fruit can not only make pain a tangible thing but also memories. This is really huge and I think most people don't understand what kind of possibilities this creates. Oda have stated that the one piece is in fact a real thing and not some intangible or philosopy like the friends we made along the way or something like that. I present the idea of Joyboys greatest treasure to humanity was all the data stored inside his brain. His memories. All of it.

What better way to learn about the void centuary than to actually experience it through Joyboys own memories. We would learn everything! It would also explain why they all laughed so much. Remembering some of the most fun and goofy times in life always makes me laugh at the very least.

One final note: If Oda planned out everything from the very beginning would it not be fitting that the very first ending song is called just memories? Well thats it, sry for bad wording and spelling mistakes i'm not that great of a writer :p


2nd Edit: Some bonus fuel for thought. Oda recently introduced us to Punk records, will probably work as the one piece worlds internet. So by sharing what they find on lauhtale not only will the strawhats experience Joyboy's memories but everyone will. This will likely lead to a massive rebellion. When Roger arrived he was to early because Punk records was not fully developed. As i mentioned earlier memories are kinda our very essence/soul. When we are born we aren't really no one, it's through life we shape who we are and by treasuring impactful moments our memories/treasure grow larger and we as persons grow. Also a little detail. If we combine the first opening song + the ending song = We are-memories.

Also highly recommend to check the lyrics to the Memories song.

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Fanart Can I see your panties?

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Cosplay Nami & Nico Robin by CarryKey and MightyRacсoon NSFW

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Fanart My Custom LEGO Trafalgar Law!

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Merchandise My birthday gift from my family

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It's a Metal displate. I seriously didn't expect that they would gift me that. I'm so happy to call them my family.

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Discussion Oda revealed what countries the supernovas are from and what jobs they do

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Media How the time changes

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Discussion Favorite Nami outfit? Mine would be Nami's Film Gold Outfit for the Stealth mission

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Fanart Nojiko Fanart She's so Unusual [OC]

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That's a reinterpratation of album cover She's so Unusual by Cyndi Lauper as a Nojiko Also I'm open for commissions if you want something like this 🐧✌️

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Fanart Me and my friends tattoo🔥

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Law and Red Hair Shanks

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Fanart Redraw of Vol. 89 of One Piece

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Fanart I drew robin

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Fanart [Fanart] One Piece chibis made by me

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Fanart Chopper fanart by jidaohuashi [Self]

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Discussion Is sanji a human?

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After we've seen when sanji cut queen swords with his neck And he saud that he feel something changed in hus body In this time is sanji a human ir he became a robot like his family? I'm just wondering Can somebody explain to me please

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Discussion Re-reading One Piece made me appreciate the series so much more


In the past 5 months, I have read one piece all the way from Romance Dawn to Egghead. I was expecting to enjoy rereading one of my favorite series of all time, and pick up on some things I may have missed first time around, but I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did. I figured I'd highlight a couple reasons why I think it's worth going back to the beginning of the series.

Appreciating Previously Disliked Arcs:

Going back into the series there were arcs I was dreading getting back to, namely Skypeia, Long Ring Long Land, and Fishman Island. The thing is though, when I think back on my first time through these arcs I remembered really enjoying them(except maybe Fishman). So why didnt I want to get to them? I think it's because of the internet. I like to think I have my own opinions, but when you hear something's bad over and over again, you start to believe it. Luckily I was able to remind myself that i shouldn't be swayed by others. After getting through the whole series, I was pleasantly surprised the I didn't think there was a single bad arc. I can't cover every controversial arc, but of the ones I mentioned earlier I'd like to highlight why I liked them.

Skypeia, although a bit of a drag at the beginning has a great villain, great backstory, and very well embodies the themes of One Piece.

Long Ring Long Land is not the most relevant arc, but still introduces Aokiji. Also personally I don't think everything needsto be plot relevant as long as it's enjoyable. I love the straw hats dynamics and interactions in this funny lighthearted arc.

Fishman Island, like Skypeia is a bit of a drag to me, but still has its merits. This arc shows the past, shows us an ancient weapon, and also foreshadows new world threats to come. Also personally i think it was really cool to see the straw hats use new abilities to destroy Hodys crew which they probably would have struggled with pre-timeskip.

Beyond these arcs that my opinion had changed on post reading, there were a few that on my initial read that I just thought were okay like Thriller Bark and Punk Hazard. And upon reading them again I thought they were great.

The Perspective Of Looking Back:

Knowing what I know now at the current point in the series it's really cool to see how my perspective changes on earlier events. So many things that appear later in the series are mentioned, and I know everyone will say this at the drop of a hat but there is lots of legitimate foreshadowing. So, I just want to go over a couple of my favorite perspectives.

Jinbe I one of the, if not the very first warlords to be mentioned. Him, and the warlords in general are talked about as the dangerous evil boogymen early on which is funny now. Jinbe is certainly a force to be reckoned with, but he's not this evil monster he was made out to be. Now we know him as the jolly loveable dad of the crew who is currently rocking a Hawaiian shirt. Because the world was scared of Jinbe, it makes me think about how the world looks at Luffy. He again is a force to be reckoned with, but he's saved so many islands, and despite not sharing meat is still a hero to many people. Despite all of this however, people probably have nightmares about meeting the emperor Strawhat Luffy, which I find really funny.

Moria's character is also cool to look back on. I think he says during thriller bark that he was defeated by Kaido, but I don't think it's ever detailed how devastating and overwhelming that defeat was until much later. Knowing this it makes a lot of sense why he'd want an obedient undying army, instead of just being lazy and wanting others to do the work for him. It's really because he doesn't want to loose any more friends. We can see this, and that he still cares about people, because he goes fight a losing battle against Blackbeard in order to get one of his only friends, Absalom back.

Finally there's the dreaded topic of foreshadowing. I'm not going to debate whether certain things were foreshadowed/planned, be ause whether they are or aren't it's cool to see Oda working with previous parts of the story. I especially enjoy this in regards to the true nature of Luffys fruit. This isn't confirmed by any means, but I personally think things like the gears which don't really fit the properties of rubber, or something like surving Magellans poison make sense given Luffys actual fruit. At first I suspended belief on these because it's one piece, so there's generally weird logic. But now looking back, I think because Luffy believed he could do these things, he was able to despite the fruit not being awakened.

In the end, regardless of these things, I think it's worth it to just to experience the fantastic story again. I was happy to go back to the things I know and love about One Piece. There was also a lot of details big and small that I missed, which is inevitable in a series this long, and if I'd never gone back I might have missed these things entirely. I know this has basically been just me rambling, but in summary I know it's a huge time commitment but if you really care about the series, I reccomend you reread it, and I can garuntee you won't regret it.

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Theory I solved OP for real


Kaido we know was a "failed Joyboy"...and he literally wanted to drop Onigashima on top of a Giant party. The inverse of Joy Boy who wanted to put the islands together to throw a giant party

Our world started off as One Big land mass. Pangea...I suspect they were most likely all one Land mass in One Piece too.

It's the Islands all being put back together because that's the only way to throw the world's biggest party. Joy Boy attempted to put islands together and after he was defeated world government split a few up. The "continent pullers"....clearly Oda has told us that at a point in history.. ppl were moving around islands freely. Oda has exhibited this on many occasions.

That's why everyone laughed. Because it seemed impossible and ridiculous. But it was detailed how it is possible using the Ancient Weopons and Nika Fruit. There fore is was not yet possible to Roger.

Anyways just wanted to document this so I can flex when it comes true😂

Thanks for reading

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Discussion What do you think will be other internet breaking moments in the future of One Piece??


What do you think will be other internet breaking moments in the future of One Piece??

The ones i think for sure:

  1. Zoro vs Mihawk
  2. Luffy vs Blackbeard
  3. Luffy meeting Shanks
  4. Imu's reveal
  5. Rocks's reveal and the God Valley Incident
  6. Joyboy's reveal and the Void Century flashback
  7. Reaching Laughtale
  8. Finding the One Piece

What others will be?

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Discussion My Top 9 favourite Imus: which One is YOUR favourite ? And do you have any Idea how to reach Oda Sensei to give him a look at this madness? 🙏😇

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Discussion Which of these peak character moments is your favorite and impacted the respective characters the most?

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