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Unanswered If someone paid you $100 an hour to stay in an empty room for 8 hours a day with nothing on you except a lunch, how long would you last?


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Why is it that human childbirth is excruciating pain but in the animal kingdom they seem to not give a shit all that much?


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Unanswered Why does the US spend so much on it's military?


I get that the US is the most powerful country, but even if you take GDP into consideration, the US spends almost 4 percent of it's GDP on the military, which is one of the highest.

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Why are 20-30 year olds so depressed these days?


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Unanswered Australians and Brits, do "mate" and "friend" mean the same thing?


I know that's how Americans translate it, but are there subtle differences in the usage of each word? Different social contexts?

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How are (especially coastal) homes in Florida still insurable?


Let's say it's a multi-million dollar house in basically any coastal city in Florida. Likelihood that it floods (and needs at least the first floor and all its furniture etc. repaired/replaced at a cost of $100,000) is 2 in 10 years. So... They will need a $200,000 payout each 10 years for major repairs. Do these homeowners all pay $20+k per year in flood insurance separate from mortgage, property tax, and other insurance? If not... who is paying for the excess in repair expenses for these predictable recurring natural disasters?

Thanks for the help understanding.

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What’s actually causing the soreness during a sore throat?


What is happening to the throat that causes the uncomfortable feeling?

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Electric shocks in a flood: what kind of range?


When there's widespread flooding, and frayed/ broken electrical cables underwater, how close does someone have to be to get electrocuted while standing in the water?

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Does anyone else stay up at night because that’s the only time they can be alone?


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Do people actually like sleeping in the same bed?


I'd rather have the bed for myself. It's cooler, there are no snores, farts, only your alarm, no random dream talking nor movement to wake you up, you can have any lights or screens on...

Do people just put up with the drawbacks and say it's worth it?

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Unanswered Why do teens wear one airpod everywhere?


The teenagers at my work (in a restaurant) wear one airpod all the time. Like even some of the servers when they’re on the floor will keep their single air pod in.

When I walk around my town, if I pass high schoolers a lot of them also have one air pod in.

My question is, what are they listening to? Do they have music playing all the time? Are they listening to anything at all, is it just a fashion accessory?

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Unanswered What is the difference if someone from US goes to community college or some big uni?


As a non-american, i’m curious about these. Do community college diploma not honored when finding a job?

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If i drink two 5 hour energies, will i get the normal effects for 10 hours, or will i simply be cracked the fuck out for 5 hours still???


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Are there local A and B drives in a system? why does it start with local drive C?


Edit : Everyone assumes I'm a very young person but I am in my late 20s. I am also kinda tech savvy but never ever thought about the drive situation.

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Is a “recreational coma” a thing? Is it possible to just be knocked out like for a week, as a treat?


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why do guys have "Adam apples"? what do they actually do?


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I am going on a first date tomorrow and I am planning to order a large plate of meat. Could that be a turn off for some men?


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Unanswered If you are at risk of bleeding out due to a wound, does getting an erection help decrease the chance that you lose too much blood? NSFW


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Off the chain?


My wife and I are at a restaurant and I told the waiter that my carnitas fries were “off the chain” and my wife says No one says that anymore and I’m just old. Is she right?

Update: We asked the hostess (she was 19) and she informed us that yes it’s still something people say, but then I swear to God she read my wife’s body language and then followed up with “but it’s usually like older people”

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Answered Is it normal for people to lie when they don’t feel like wasting peoples’ time to explain something inconsequential?


This is something i’ve done a few times lately. When someone asks me a mundane question that I have a complicated/long answer for, I usually don’t feel like talking about it and just lie and say something simple. Not sure if this is a bad thing to do so I’m asking here 🫠

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Unanswered Is there anything besides salt that humans consider food that doesnt come from something living?


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"If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" Why is that considered a philosophical question when it seems to have a straightforward answer?


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Is it reasonable to ask someone filming themselves at the gym to not record me in the background?


Context: I go to a public commercial gym and I am a beginner

Basically earlier today was at the gym at noticed someone was recording themselves in a small deadlift room that I was also in. I was directly behind him and in the angle of the camera, so I approached him and asked politely if I could not be in the background, by either angling the camera a different way or moving to another deadlift platform. He seemed pissed off and said a passive aggressive “you could move to a different platform”. I’m kinda new to lifting, so I don’t understand gym etiquette that well, was this reasonable to ask?

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Unanswered Why people don't sleep naked?


There have been a number of studies which purport to have found all kinds of benefits to sleeping in the nude, including being able to fall asleep faster, stress reduction, healthier skin, and improved overall sleep quality. And on an especially hot night, it's understandable that you'd want to forgo your pajamas or boxer to get as much air on your skin as possible.

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Answered What saved the 2008 financial crash? Also will history repeat itself?


Just a few questions, any of these you know the answers to, would be appreciated!

  1. If you know anything would be helpful, all i know is in 2008, they were loaning money to people to buy housing which they couldn't pay for but why did that affect the stocks?
  2. How did we recover? I believe i heard the government bailed them out (who is they? the loaners?) and why did we bail them and not just let them sink?
  3. We are told we aren't in a recession (even though GDP is low 2 times) so that means we have more inflation to come?
  4. What is happening in EU that causing the USD to be a stronger currency? Was this planned or a disaster unforeseen?
  5. Why are rent/houses still so high? while mortgages are crashing, and there aren't people buying as much, are we just waiting for the house to crash again?

Edit: Most been answer but if anyone have detailed answers would be greatly appreciated!