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What would be the honorable thing to do if you found $1800 in a blank bank envelope?


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Is British food really that bad?


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If its so well known Nancy Pelosi or other US politicians inside trade, why is nothing done about it?


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Put Down My Dog Or Pay


My neighbors threw a party on New Years Day. They did a ton of drinking. One of the women at the party went to her car got disoriented and barged into my house. She surprised my dog and my dog bit her leg. The lady wants me to pay her $5000 and to put my dog down. Can she just barge in my house out of the blue all wasted and I am the bad guy? My dog was asleep on the floor in my home when she slammed in and stepped on her. What should I do?

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What do tattoo parlors use to kill pain for patients?


There's some spray they use on the skin which dulls the sensitivity, is it something like biofreeze?

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Is it cheating if I have a wife and go out to gay bars alone and enjoy being in the company of gay men but nothing sexual takes place per say?


As well I frequent gay discords

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Am I wrong for not voting simply because I have no faith in Congress?


I just don't. We know they do insider trading and can be bought and sold at any price by lobbyists. And you may say "Well if you don't vote, nothing will change". And I would say "Nothing would change anyway no matter who's elected".

And yet, I get chastised by others for not voting.

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Why are American toilets so bad?


Sorry, I can’t come up with a better description.

Whenever I’m in the US, my biggest fear is clogging the toilet and it happens ALL the time.

Those huge bowls and tiny little holes that everything except the super flimsy toilet paper gets stuck in.

Every American I know owns a plunger and uses it regularly.

I’ve never met anyone in Europe outside of the US that does.

What am I missing here?

ETA: I’m sorry if I came across as offensive. This is a just a silly but genuine question. It’s also not a competition, I was just being hyperbolic. I apologize.

To clarify: Most American toilets I’ve come across have bigger bowls with a lot more water in them. The “hole”/bend looks narrower than European toilets in western Europe. I have experienced clogging issues in the US but rarely anywhere else. My American friends and family says it happens quite a lot to them and many own plungers. There seems to be many more Europeans (where I live) who own plungers.

It feels pretty weird to post on a “no stupid questions” sub and being told I’m insane.

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If the Earth is spinning at ~800 mph, why don't we feel it?


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Why do many non gamers assume that gaming is some time suck that they can't afford? Most single player games are the same length as a season of a TV show.


I recently had this conversation with a friend who really likes the new Last of Us show and was telling me about how if the games came out when he was much younger he would've played the shit out of the TLOU games but now he has no time as an adult.

I was flabbergasted by this comment and explained to him that not all gaming is a World of Warcraft and Call of Duty time suck. The Last of Us Part 1 for example is like a 10-12 hour long game, which is basically a season of a TV show. It's not open world like GTA, so you really have to follow the linear path of the story. You can break it up into 1-2 hour sessions and play it like you would watch a weekly TV show. Or binge it in two sittings in one weekend like I did. After the story is over the game is done.

If you have time to watch a TV show, you have time to game. Especially most story driven linear single player games, they're all more or less similar in length. And with subscriptions like GameFly and Gamepass it pretty much costs the same as a streaming subscription as well.

I wonder why people got this idea that gaming has to be some disproportionate time commitment.

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Unanswered How do you tax billionaires if the majority of their assets are not cash or compensation?


I see threads all over Reddit about "tax the billionaires". I obviously agree with this, but I've yet to see a realistic response as to how.

Take Elon for example. The majority of Elon's wealth is in the stock of the companies he owns. He also has nice houses, cars and boats and all that. He doesn't have a pile of cash sitting in a warehouse Heisenberg style.

How are you going to tax that? Force him to sell his unsold shares and distribute them to the American people? Confiscate his property and put it up for sale?

You can increase payroll taxes on standard compensation to 99% above a certain threshold. Increase the capital gains tax. Raise the property taxes on his assets. But, that's not going to come close to reducing his wealth or any other billionaire.

So, what's the plan?

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What's the deal with female athletes in Florida having to submit information about their periods?


https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.newsweek.com/florida-student-athletes-being-asked-report-periods-online-1749549%3famp=1 - news article

I've heard of this happening in other environments too, not just to athletes. Is there a political reason for this? Is it scientific? What's the point?

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Unanswered Would a human with todays knowledge actually be useful in a tribe thousands of years ago?


We’ve all heard/pondered about what a person with todays knowledge might be capable of amongst earlier humans. But as I was thinking about it more, what kind of impact could a modern day human actually make?

If you dropped the average Joe into a tribe in some random landscape 10,000 years ago, what actual use could be be of? Besides maybe teaching math (which would still be huge) or some basic science topics, I can’t really see how our modern knowledge would be impactful. He can’t fish, hunt, gather, identify plants, grow crops, navigate etc….

If you were dropped into a tribe 10,000 years ago, would you be able to make any meaningful impact or be if any use?

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Am I weird for not really wanting to advance my career and being okay with where I'm at?


I work in IT for a global law firm and the biggest thing keeping me here are the benefits. Four weeks of PTO, pretty good medical/health coverage, pretty good disability benefits, etc. Yes the pay could be a bit higher, but I get lots of overtime.

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Unanswered My manager looked up Scream VI spoilers and it telling me if I don’t work unpaid over time then he’ll spoil it for me, is this legal?


I don’t know what to do, don’t want to do over time but don’t want Scream VI spoiled for me, also, would spoilers even exist at this point? I’m too afraid to call his bluff.

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Why are gamers obsessed with RGB lights?


Almost every other gaming product has RGB lights in some form or the other. Why are gamers obsessed with it or is it something that the companies have been pushing. I am a casual gamer myself and I do not like RGB lights on my peripherals. It's sometimes hard to find gaming accessories without RGB. Even on my gaming laptop I turned off all the RGB lights and kept only white on my keyboard.

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Why is it considered rude to ask someone’s pay?


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Why is there a lot of anti-semitism? NSFW


Something I have always struggled to understand is why there is a lot of hatred to the Jewish community from going back to WW2 to todays anti-semitism attacks.

I’m not Jewish myself nor have Jews ever offended me so can someone please give me a simple explanation?

Just finished watching Schindler’s List which is why I’m asking this question?

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When you see Braille on a random sign on a wall somewhere, how would a blind person know to feel for letters at that particular location anyway?


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Anyone else feel like Google Search Results are getting worse?


I have been having a terrible time with Google Search Results over the past few months. I can remember back a few years ago, I could search any questions or queries and get direct results and answers that were both accurate and available at the top. Now today I search something and not only do I not get the immediate matching answers to my Query but it will literally give top results that do not match the original search. Anyone else feel let down by Google lately?

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Should shrinkflation be illegal?


Merriam-Webster definition:

“the practice of reducing a product's amount or volume per unit while continuing to offer it at the same price.”

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Can I charge my little vape with my laptop charger?


Don’t kill me, I’m sorry I’m a vapor!

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Whats going on with people that always try to "one up" people and cant relax and have a regular conversation?


Whats going on inside of them and why cant they just relax and have a normal back and forth?

I also noticed these people seem to get irritated if you know something they dont.

When im in a conversation i make it a point to not one up others.

also im actually glad if i learned something from the convo from the other person. ill even say oh i didnt know that thanks for telling me. As opposed to being upset that they actually knew something.

Help me understand these people. I cant relate at all

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Is it bad that I can't even go 24 hours without watching porn? NSFW


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Did all of us men get really hard, painful nipples through puberty or am I just weird? NSFW


I never saw a doctor about it and they eventually swelled down, but it felt like for months my nipples had stones behind them, and it hurt to touch.