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🔥 A stunning cloudburst over Lake Millstatt, Austria captured by photographer Peter Maier



u/PDCH Dec 08 '22

That's insane.


u/schmithers Dec 08 '22

Imagine being on a nice lakeside hike when that happened lmao


u/Cutebud Dec 08 '22

Wow! That is awesome!


u/spinichdick Dec 09 '22

Just watched Nope.. Theres an alien monster in that cloud.


u/PayMe127 Dec 08 '22

Looks fake


u/urAverageFilipino Dec 09 '22

Don't think so, but it looks like it was sped up


u/doniiebaseball2020 Dec 09 '22

What's insane is how fast this video is sped up


u/atridir Dec 09 '22

Pretty sure that it is a normal time lapse. Cloudbursts like this don’t take very long at all; only a few minutes to half an hour with an obscene amount of rain.



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u/doniiebaseball2020 Dec 09 '22

Watch the branches in the foreground in the last seconds of the video. Definitely sped up.


u/atridir Dec 09 '22 edited Dec 09 '22




— used to describe a way of filming something in which many photographs are taken over a long period of time and are shown quickly in a series so that a slow action (such as the opening of a flower bud) appears to happen quickly

I was saying that it isn’t sped up exceptionally more than any other time-lapse…


u/doniiebaseball2020 Dec 10 '22

Normal time lapse = not real time footage that is faster than real time footage = footage is sped up via compilation of still photos


u/atridir Dec 10 '22

I guess what I’m getting at is that the actual real time passed in the video is likely around 15-20 minutes. The only reason I brought it up is because it would be reasonable to assume from looking at the video that this storm occurred over an hour or more and is nothing really exceptional. When in reality a storm like this can dump a massive, possibly destructive volume of liquid practically all at once, like how Uncle Matt destroyed Aunt Kathy’s toilet that one time after spicy habanero nachos and that triple refried bean chili dip.


u/doniiebaseball2020 Dec 10 '22

I guess what I’m getting at is that the actual real time passed in the video is likely around 15-20 minutes.

Thanks. I stopped reading your argument right there. You agree the video of < 10 seconds is sped up to show a recording of 15 - 20 mins. Idgaf about the rest we probably agree however you're wadting my time. Have a nice life, random re#itor.


u/atridir Dec 10 '22

You missed a funny metaphor I wrote just for you.

But cheers. Sorry if I came off confrontational.

May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house. Hope you have a better memorably positive week.


u/More-Jackfruit3010 Dec 09 '22

Ocean squalls can be terrifying. That's a good soaker on land, though.


u/SevereImpression2115 Dec 09 '22

Reminds me of my morning piss lol


u/Mobile_Protection_64 Dec 09 '22

Unbelievable & Gorgeous


u/waterseabreeze Dec 09 '22

absloutely beautiful 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍


u/Big-Dimension-5567 Dec 09 '22

Can you image this happening for 40days and 40nights


u/dpforest Dec 09 '22

The way the water just fucking bounces off the lakeside is amazing


u/Willing_Evidence_315 Dec 08 '22

This is a reenactment of your mom when she met me.


u/MoggieWorm Dec 09 '22

Woah. Heaven really must be dusty if this is what it's after dusting..


u/AnonymousP30 Dec 09 '22

Wow I never seen this before I thought tornado was about to form.


u/Minimum_Intention765 Dec 09 '22

Chaotic yet so sedating to watch. Amazing just how much water is in those clouds!


u/IncidentallyChaos Dec 09 '22

Still not as bad as my ex 🤐