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[MEGATHREAD] Cost of Living - Energy, Interest Rates, Inflation, Fuel, etc


Given the number of posts, we're removing a lot of these items under 'Common Topic', and receiving lightening-speed reports when they do come up.

However, we know a lot of you are struggling, and not getting the answers you need via subreddit search, or internet search engines.

So to give you guys a space, and to stop the flooding of similar queries, you are more than welcome to use this submission here.

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What little and odd food hacks do you know that vastly improve cooking?


My neighbour told me yesterday that smearing mayonnaise, instead of butter, on the outside of a toastie before toasting it makes it taste 10x better. She was right. I need more....More....MORE!!

EDIT: The comments are coming in faster than I can reply.

So, Thank You all for your contributions

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Mentions London What is an issue living in the UK that doesn't get talked about enough?


What would you say is an issue living in the UK that doesn't get talked about enough? It doesn't have to be anything major, just something you think needs more attention.

Personally (based on bitter experience), I think it's the lack of opportunities for young people outside of cities and bigger towns. Especially due to the pandemic! There are few higher and degree apprenticeships nationally anyway, but they all seem to be at company head offices in London/Birmingham/Manchester. Even part-time jobs can be difficult to get if you're not "fully flexible" (even if they're only offering a zero-hours contract). With lockdown stopping driving lessons and tests, anecdotally it seems like a lot of young adults, myself included, can't drive and so can't get to the random business park where the jobs are. I'm currently stuck in this annoying position. I'm learning to drive and studying a degree but I don't think anything's going to change for a while.

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Have you ever met someone who seemed totally sane on the surface and then suddenly done something that confirmed this wasn't the case?


I once went out with a gentleman I met on a course for a few beers. He had brought a pocket full of ecstacy with him - okay, not for me but no judgement. He then proceeded to drink and with each drink the mask would slip more and more until he eventually said to me that when I left to use the bathroom he planned to "put something" in my drink and "end up in bed" with me. I of course left. He went into the course, obtained my address somehow and would show up at the door at 4am. I struggled for a few days to work out if I should inform the police but I thought they would say it was his word against mine about drugging me. A few days later I had a call from someone telling me he had been arrested for seriously beating someone up in town and was about to spend time in jail (apparently). I tallied up the amount of missed calls I had for him over a week and it was around 250.

Before that night I knew him for months and he seemed completely normal.

Have you ever experienced something like this?

r/AskUK 10h ago

What words make you cringe for no good reason?


For me it’s:

“Flavoursome” “Cluster” “Bunched up” “Lump”

r/AskUK 6h ago

Why exactly do you guys dislike Luton?


Can you guys give me specific reasons why Luton is bad? Not just general reasons.

r/AskUK 11h ago

Does anybody not like Bob Mortimer?


Every show I watch him in I simply love. Seems a genuine down to earth, chilled and happy man. I can’t imagine anyone not liking him?

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What common statement/idea do you massively disagree with from your own experience?


For example I really dislike the “Don’t mess with the quiet guy, when they lose it…” trope. I know that’s a distinct possibility, but honestly most quiet guys I’ve met would get folded in a fight. I don’t believe mouthy people are tough per se, but most I’ve met are more willing to fight than quiet people. Just wondering if anyone else knows of any other common ideas that you disagree with?

r/AskUK 6h ago

Has the NHS failed already? What recent experiences did you have?


Not too long ago, I saw a motorcyclist fall of his bike because it was raining quite heavily. The motorcyclist broke his leg/ankle. So I pick this guy up, moved him to the side of the road out of danger and called the ambulance, they told me up to 6 hours wait time for an ambulance; can you believe that? I ended up sticking him in his girlfriend's car, and she drove him to the hospital.

Then recently I had to take my little sister to A&E, she had a lot of pain in her kidney area. The receptionist told us it's 'urgent' and she will be seen to soon. 4-5 hours later, nothing. She started having very very sharp pain and started crying in the hospital, they then gave her some paracetamol and just told her to wait a few more hours. During this time she saw people with more serious conditions, going in and out of consciousness, being shown no attention whatsoever. She ended up just coming home and trying again the next day.

So the next day she goes to a different hospital. They see her pretty quickly as they class her situation as 'urgent'. They then send her with a nurse for a blood test. The nurse takes the blood sample, drops it all over herself, and all over my sister. The nurse then takes puts the needle for the blood test into her other arm, and tells her the doctor is not available. So she says my sister will have to leave the needle in her arm for the next few hours, because if she takes it out, my sister will have to come back another day. So despite crying for a while because of the discomfort, my sister manages to pass the time with this uncomfortable needle in her arm. The doctor eventually comes and takes the blood test instead of the nurse. They do their checks, and say they'll contact her the next day when the report comes in. The next day my sister calls up, and they tell her... they've 'lost the report'.

I think the NHS has failed, it's barely a useable service currently.

What's your recent experience been like?

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Tell me what area of the UK you live in without saying it’s name?


So describe what makes it famous or what happens there

r/AskUK 12h ago

Is this a normal reason for not getting a job?


Yesterday the wife went to a job interview in a sector that's quite similar to her current job. Her maternity leave is due to end soon and she's looking for a new career.

Apart from the nerves she said that the interview went well and that the employer was going to call back last night which they did. Unfortunately she didn't get the job but asked for feedback which the employer gave her.

The thing that was weird is that the employer stated that the main reason why she didn't get the job was that they expected her to phone the place and visit the place before the interview which wasn't stated in the application, which surprised my wife as if she did that to her current place of work her manager would tell her to piss off.

Is it normal to expect a potential candidate to come in and contact the place of work before an interview? Isn't this called something like canvassing for jobs? We were both quite confused.

r/AskUK 1h ago

What shop/business has a very recognisable smell?


I'm talking specific business rather than type of business, for example butchers have a particular smell but I can't tell one butchers from another.

r/AskUK 5h ago

What are some nice sounding places in the UK?


I’m talking about names which sound pleasant, calming, and what sound like nice places to be. For me: Wivelsfield sounds lovely and gentle

r/AskUK 1d ago

What is the United Kingdom's worst beer?


I asked this in u/AskAnAmerican and the top answer was a generic beer produced by the drugstore (chemist's) chain Walgreens. We have good beer nowadays, as you may have heard, but our floor has always been pretty fuckin' low. But what about you guys? Which British beer is six feet beneath the floor of the basement?

r/AskUK 15h ago

If you've ever been in a position to hire someone, what is one thing that would instantly make you not want to hire them, that isn't based off their suitability for job?


recently I was told to not hire certain people based off aspects of their appearance. Want to know how common this is.

r/AskUK 23h ago

What’s the cringiest thing you’ve witnessed or been asked to do at group job interview / course / team-building day?


All of my courses etc have been boringly professional, useful and friendly.

Surely they can’t all be like that!

r/AskUK 1d ago

What's a major tv show that completely passed you by?


I just read that Happy Valley has over 11 million viewers, and realised that not only have I never seen a second of it, I'm not even sure what it's about (I think it's a detective show?). And it's not like everyone is talking about it around me, it's never come up in conversation with any of my friends or family. Yet it's clearly massive.

So, what's your equivalent, a TV show that is/was really big but which you had no engagement with at all?

r/AskUK 12h ago

Who pays the bill when you are celebrating your birthday at a restaurant?


Do you pay for everyone or does everyone pay for themselves. Just curious

r/AskUK 12h ago

Why do sites like amazon make it hard to do basic things?


I used to be able to just click 'my profile' and it would have all the relevant information and options needed relating to my account such as information, password, security, log out, etc

Now I feel like I have to go on a quest just to log out or find a piece of information about my account

I've even spent 5 minutes just trying to cancel a free trial. They don't support the page which let's you cancel on the app either. I feel like they make it hard on purpose so people give up and give them more money

r/AskUK 5h ago

Do you have different types of coffee at home?


I have 3 "levels" of coffee at home...

My everyday "work" coffee which is mostly Tesco gold whenever I work from home.

When it's me and the Mrs having one, we have Azera or Kenco Millicano.

On weekends I go for the coffee drip machine.

Just wondering if anybody else does this or do you just have one type of coffee throughout?

r/AskUK 9h ago

Have I broken an unwritten rule at the barbers?


I’ve not jumped the queue or anything, just joined in when the barber and the client were talking rugby. There’s only 3 of us in the place, there was silence for a bit and then they moved onto another subject

r/AskUK 2h ago

Creative ways to deal with the uk heatwaves?


I know it sounds like a ridiculous thing to ask in Feb, but nowadays i dread summer in the UK, and always prefer the colder seasons. The heat and humidity is so unbearable, and as the years pass our weather conditions are becoming much more extreme with summer temps rising higher each year, and the suffocating humidity that comes along with it, and of course we don’t have aircon.

What are some ways to prepare for then? Things to buy in advance etc.. We gotta start getting creative in order to cope at this rate.

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Is it better value to get 2 x 12” pizzas or 1 x 19” pizza for £20?


Partner is away this evening and wanted to order a ridiculously massive pizza to myself and drop into a food coma.

I’m bad at maths and wondered if someone could work out for me what’s better value for money when both deals are £20.


r/AskUK 22h ago

Do you think Love Island has had its day?


Just saying this as someone who used to be in to the show but can’t for the life of me even be arsed watching the Instagram memes now. For all I know they might be hitting record views & I’m completely wrong about it.

But after last season I just can’t see past how overproduced the show is these days, virtually every scene looks forced, every bit of ‘drama’ is instigated by the producers and the conversations might as well come from a script with how repetitive they are. It just seems less like reality tv & more like sh*t acting.

Btw I am aware the majority of ‘reality’ shows are choreographed to some extent, but it just feels like LI has overdone it more & more in the last few years.

r/AskUK 53m ago

Opinion on Stephen Mulhern?


My girlfriend and her mum absolutely HATE him. And I'm not talking "oh he's a bit annoying", they physically cannot watch something if he's on it. I have no idea why, he seems fine but nothing special. Is this Mulhern Madness a common hatred in the UK? If so, why????

r/AskUK 22h ago

Is it normal in the UK to mix sweetcorn into tuna mayo?


Whether it's in a sandwich or a potato, I have always added sweetcorn when making tuna mayo and for a while thought this was the default. My gf (who is not British) thinks this is super strange and I'm left wondering:

1) was this something just my family did? 2) is this a uniquely British thing?